Emmerdale’s oldest lothario Rodney Blackstock is heartbroken when girlfriend Misty leaves him but how will he react when he discovers the reason behind her sudden departure.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Patrick Mower says it’s all over for Rodney and Misty!
Mon 27 Aug 2018: Jimmy and Nicola King joins Bernice Blackstock in trying to make Rodney stay in Emmerdale.

Free spirited Misty leaves Emmerdale for a new life in Thailand and no one more heartbroken than her spiritual partner Rodney Blackstock (Patrick Mower). His heartache grows when he finds out that his own daughters Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) and Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) had a hand in her sudden departure, he is furious.

When Rodney confronts his daughters as he prepares to go after Misty, he becomes so angry that he collapses to the ground, forcing Nicola to call for an ambulance! Actor Patrick Mower, who plays Rodney Blackstock, explains…

How devastated is Rodney in the midst of Misty’s departure?
“Very shocked to start with because they are in love. He confides in Jimmy King that he’s had many, many women in his life, in the village, and around the world – he loves women – but he think’s he’s found his soulmate because they believe in the same things. So when she tells him she doesn’t love him it’s complete and utter shock. He is mystified as much as heartbroken. Suddenly in one moment she turns around and says ‘I’m sorry I don’t love you I’m going off on a yacht for a year. Initially he’s shocked and hurt and then he’s thinking something must have happened…”

Does he have a suspicion that Nicola and Bernice meddled?
“No, but it’s something that Eric Pollard just mentions to him. Maybe there is a dragon lurking around somewhere so really in a rather underwritten scene he accidentally goes to talk to his daughters to ask if they did maybe have a word with her and then he finds out they did have a word with her, so he’s rather annoyed about it all.”

Mon 27 Aug 2018: As the family are rowing, Rodney Blackstock collapses.

The girls never really liked Misty. What’s his reaction to them interfering?
“Rodney’s always been not particularly concerned about what his daughters think. He’s never been a proper sort of father, he still thinks he’s 35. The girls would rather he was an old man who acted like a grandfather figure to his grandkids. They didn’t like Misty because she’s younger than both of them. But that’s never bothered Rodney, what his daughters think, he’s a one woman guy, especially when their own love lives are not going particularly well. He’s having the time of his life which is very disconcerting for them.

“I think they are jealous of the way he is enjoying himself and they are not, and that this girl is taking their father away from them, which is only a secondary reaction I think.  Rodney is furious. He vows never to speak to them again. I suppose in Emmerdale land that might last a week. It’s probably the first time ever since I’ve been in Emmerdale when Rodney gets so angry – not over Misty going – but his daughter’s behaviour, he is so furious with them that he collapses. And it’s the first time in how many years I’ve been in Emmerdale that Rodney has had the music going over him at the end of the episode. First time in an episode. It’s quite a big thing.”

Mon 27 Aug 2018: Nicola King calls for an ambulance as Bernice tends to Rodney Blackstock.

We can’t say what happens after the collapse but what does the future hold for him without Misty?
“He will miss her but in Emmerdale land he’ll move on quite soon, no doubt.”

You enjoyed working with Heather, who played Misty. Would you want her to come back?
“Yes obviously, she’s a very good addition to the cast. Whether Rodney would stay with her after everything that’s gone on…I think they are soulmates and they were in love and as you know you can’t switch love on and off. You can’t say right I’m not in love anymore.”

What have been the reactions from the public?
“Mainly I’m very pleased to say most people know me as Patrick. I’ve been an actor for nearly 60 years, starred in lots of TV series over the years and I’m very fortunate that people remember me from the other work and still associate me with that work as much as they do Emmerdale.


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