When Chas Dingle finally breaks the tragic news of their baby’s kidney defect to Paddy Kirk he doesn’t want to believe it says actor Dominic Brunt.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Paddy Kirk is devastated by baby news says Dominic Brunt
Thurs 14 June 2018 – 7pm: Chas Dingle is choked as she explains to Paddy Kirk the devastating news about their baby.

After carrying the secret for a few weeks, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) finally breaks down and tells fiancee Paddy Kirk that their baby girl will not survive according to their doctors.

“He hasn’t guessed that something is up,” actor Dominic Brunt tells Soaplife. “He thinks her moods are all to do with pregnancy hormones.” How will he react when he hears the terrible news?

How does Paddy feel about being a dad?
“Over the moon, he is a step dad to Aaron and Leo who he loves very much, but what he has always wanted is his own child. He had given up hope that it would ever happen.”

Why has he been so relaxed about the whole pregnancy?
“He is a medical man, being a vet, so unless there is something wrong, he doesn’t panic.”

What makes him invite himself along to the baby shower?
“Well, Rhona says that it’s a do for the girls in the Woolpack, but Paddy replies that it is the only time he will ever have a baby, so he’s going along.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Paddy Kirk is devastated by baby news says Dominic Brunt
Wed 13 June 2018: Despite her heartbreak, Chas Dingle agrees to let Paddy Kirk and Marlon Dingle throw her a baby shower.

How does he find out the news the baby has a serious condition?
“He is steaming ahead with his plan to do up the nursery when Chas urges him to stop. She explains that the baby has this condition and will not survive, but because it is just too awful to believe, he doesn’t. He wants a second opinion. He thinks that she misheard the doctor.”

Does he get a second opinion?
“Yes and as soon as the doctor tells him what is happening, he takes the news on board and says ‘This baby is suffering, we need to stop this now.’”

What do Paddy and Chas feel they should do about it?
“Like many couples in this situation, they decide to take the pregnancy to term and give their child a life, even if it is only for an hour or an afternoon. It deserves a lifetime no matter how short.”

Will this destroy their relationship?
“It won’t be easy. Paddy is so clumsy sometimes. It is going to be nightmarishly difficult for them. It’s interesting as they have written it so that Paddy and Chas try out all the decisions you could make along the way. I am over the moon about his storyline. Thank God I am not going through it in real-life.”

What lies ahead for Chas and Paddy?
“It is going to be tough, but once they decide to have the baby, they make sure that nobody sees them as victims. They are determined to get through it in a positive way. There will be heartbreaking aspects and lighter elements too.”

Source: Soaplife/Whats On TV