Is Emmerdale’s Graham on to Nicola King’s Scheming?

Nicola King and her partner in crime Robert Sugden think they’re sitting pretty in their scheming at Home Farm but all that changes when Nicola realises Graham is on to them. Actress Nicola Wheeler explains…

Wed 30 Jan 2019: Nicola King is terrified to realise Graham Foster knows all about her fraudulent activities.

They were supposed to be the ‘dream team’ but their plans turn to nightmares this week when Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) and Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) realise their scheming has been rumbled by Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).

After returning from a work trip, Nicola has no idea that Graham already knows what she’s been up to so she is thrown when he asks to see plans for her and Robert’s new housing development. Panicking, she runs to Robert for help – not knowing that Graham and Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye) are watching her every move.

Nicola is terrified that she’ll be the one to take the flack, but once Graham realises Robert’s involvement, he changes his plan – deciding that there’s a much more profitable way to take revenge than publicly outing the scheming duo. Whatever he does next, though, Nicola knows that it’s not looking at all good for her. Actress Nicola Wheeler tells Inside Soap what comes next…

Wed 30 Jan 2019: Graham and Megan watch as Nicola panics and shares the news with Robert Sugden.

What’s gone wrong in Nicola and Robert’s grand scheme?
Nicola and Robert didn’t reckon on Graham sobering up quite as quickly as he did! The two of them have set up this fake development company in order to embezzle funds from Home Farm, with the aid of Graham’s signature. But it was entirely reliant on Graham being sozzled – and that’s the problem! They thought they’d be in and out before he’d sobered up.

What happens when Nicola realises they’ve been rumbled?
Nicola goes into meltdown once she realises Graham knows – and she tries to throw Robert under the bus! It might have been Robert’s idea, but she’s the one who’s been taking the money out of the accounts and getting Graham to sign everything – so she always knew she’d be the one to get the blame. It wasn’t a long-term plan. They just wanted to grab a pile of the money and then run, yet Graham’s on to them before they get to that point.

How is Nicola feeling?
She’s petrified! She knows that if Graham goes to the police, she’ll get sent down, because obviously this is fraud – not to mention theft. So she knows that as much as Robert has had a hand in the whole thing, she’s the one who’s done the deed. Robert might get fired, but Nicola would end up serving time in prison.

What is she going to do?
I guess Nicola will plead her case, although Graham is hardly the most forgiving of men. The only thing that might be in her favour is if Graham were to consider her to be a useful pawn in his game…

Watch Nicola and Robert’s scheme fall apart this week on Emmerdale.

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