With four victims already dead and the current status of Rebecca White’s life unknown, the net is closing in on Emmerdale serial killer Lachlan White – and Priya Sharma is the one pulling the strings!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Net closes in on Lachlan White thanks to Priya Sharma
Wed 22 Aug 2018: Worried Lachlan White sneaks through the woods and watches the security guard walk away before heading towards the cabin he held Rebecca in.

Murdering teenager Lachlan White has managed to keep his killing spree a secret so far but with the number of bodies rising – and the number of weeks until Super Soap Week decreasing – surely its a matter of time until Lucky’s luck runs out. An dog all the people to bring Lachlan down, we never expected it to be Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade).

Worried for people’s safety around the glamping site after the recent activity, given no-one has bothered with the area for years, new Home Farm employee Priya decides to increase the security. As well as a security guard, she arranges a dog patrol to sweep the area.

When Lachlan hears about the patrols, he heads to the old clamping hut where Rebecca White (Emily Head) was being held captive and discovers that while a prisoner, she managed to scrawl a message on the wall.

As he tries to cover the message, Priya arrives with the patrol and worried she has already seen the message, Lachlan decides to set fire to the cabin and destroy all evidence. Actor Thomas Atkinson who plays Lachlan explains all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Net closes in on Lachlan White thanks to Priya Sharma
Wed 22 Aug 2018: Will Priya Sharma see the writing on the wall and if so what will Lachlan White do?

How is Lachlan’s state of mind at the moment?
He’s losing it a bit at the minute. He has just come back from holiday after a week away and nothing is going well. People are finding out about the murder weapons and stuff like that – and there’s the writing in the shack, too.

How does he feel about what happened with Rebecca?
Lachlan has lost complete control at this point. He’s clutching at straws.

Is he worried people might find out what he’s been up to?
Yes, definitely! He’s trying to hide it because if people find out what happened, he loses Belle which is the whole reason behind everything.

Is he prepared to keep killing to keep his secret safe?
Maybe, I don’t know…

He’d do anything for Belle, wouldn’t he?
Well yes – he has already killed four people

Does he not believe it’s inevitable that he’ll be caught out?
He’s not thinking of that at this point. He’s done well up until now in terms of hiding it but people are finding out and starting to think, maybe these weren’t accidents. He’s scared but he’s not thinking about whether of not he’s going to get caught.

Does Belle have any suspicions at all?
No, she doesn’t.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Net closes in on Lachlan White thanks to Priya Sharma
Wed 22 Aug 2018: Lachlan White is nervous as Priya Sharma and the dog patrol are outside of the cabin.

Priya is probably more suspicious about what’s going on, isn’t she, seeing as she’s worrying about security?
Yeah, I don’t know if she’s suspicious of Lachlan killing or that he’s just done something, with him being near the shack just after the patrols.

Is his relationship with Belle in a good place at the moment?
Yeah, it’s in a great place. They’re about to get a flat.

How did he feel when she suggested moving in together?
He felt great. He loved it. Lachlan loves Belle and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. I think it’s a good distraction for him, from the fact he’s killed four people.

He’s also lost his mum and everyone close – I know he killed them! But Belle’s the one person he’s still got to centre him and to love. He must be pretty lonely otherwise…
Oh yeah, definitely. Belle’s his entire world. There’s a reason why he has done everything.  They’re all motivated killings, not just he’s doing it for nothing.

They find their house quite quickly. Where is it and why is it the one for them?
It’s near the village. It’s a country flat and it’s very nice. I’d like it myself.

So when Lachlan hears about the dog patrols at the site, he legs it to the shack to find the message Rebecca left – what does it say?
Rebecca, in one of her many attempts to escape, has written ‘Lachlan is a killer’ in the shack He’s worried about that, obviously! It’s a terrible thing for anyone to find out so he’s got to think about how he’ll get rid of that without people noticing.

Priya arrives at the cabin and sees him hanging out. What does he say he’s doing?He say’s he’s out for a run.

Does she believe him and is she in danger?
Priya does not particularly believe Lachlan so she is definitely in danger. Anyone who messes with his relationship with Belle is potentially in danger and mightn’t have a great ending.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Net closes in on Lachlan White thanks to Priya Sharma
Wed 22 Aug 2018: Inside, Lachlan White notices the message Rebecca wrote about him and tries to erase the words.

He decides to set alight the cabin. There is danger involved, isn’t there?
He’s losing control and he’s clutching at straws. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do next. I feel like throughout his entire story, he’s had some control over everything but that’s not the case anymore. It’s all unravelling.

Are you ready for him to get caught or are you excited to keep going for a bit?
I’m happy!

What’s the best thing about working with Eden Taylor Draper, who plays Belle?She’s very professional but we get on and we’re good mates. We’re very similar so we get along very well.

Do you think Lachlan could ever cause harm to Belle?
No, I don’t think he could. He might threaten it, nut he’d never, ever hurt her.

You’re playing quite the baddie. Lachlan has always been troubled; his mum knew he was a bit of a wrong one but always protected him. When you’re out and about, do viewers ever come up to you?
Its normally older women calling me a naughty boy. I had one old woman who smacked my bum in the Trafford Centre, which was quite weird.

Do you like playing the bad guy?
Yeah, I love it, it’s such a lot of fun. Its’s different.

Do you ever watch yourself on screen?
No, it’s that whole thing about when people hear their voice and don’t like it, it’s not nice.  It’s weird.

Would you ever like to play something completely different in the future?
Yes, of course – that’s the whole point of acting. You don’t want to play the same character over and over again, despite the fact some people do.