In a shock twist, Ned Porteous made his exit from Emmerdale as part of the big ‘So It Begins’ week featuring the return of Kim Tate. But is Ned’s character Joe Tate dead or alive? Fans are not so sure…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ned Porteous exits as Joe Tate (but is he dead or alive?)
Actor Ned Porteous aka Joe Tate makes his Emmerdale exit

After arriving in the village with a bang just over a year ago as the seductive Tom Waterhouse, who was soon to be revealed to be Joe Tate, actor Ned Porteous left Emmerdale tonight (11th Oct) in a dramatic twist.

After being forced to leave Emmerdale by his father figure and sidekick Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough), Joe Tate returned unable to leave his beloved Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb).

However, on arriving at Home Farm, Joe met with Cain Dingle’s fist after leaving Debbie dangling at the altar. As Cain (Jeff Hordley) knocked Joe for six, the wealthy playboy hit his head on a rock and lost consciousness.

Graham checked for a pulse and found nothing. Was Joe dead? Cain was certainly convinced as Graham told him to make himself scarce as he would take care of the body – Cain had saved him a job after all, as Kim Tate had ordered Joe to be killed – despite the pair not sharing a single scene.

But sharp eyed fans noticed that as Graham bundled Joe’s seemingly lifeless body into the boot of his car, Joe’s fingers moved. Could he still be alive?

We never actually saw Graham finish the job or dispose of the body, only his tears as he mourned the loss of his closest friend who was more like a son.

Given that Emmerdale has taken the ‘he’s dead and gone’ tactic before with Ross Barton, fans are not convinced that this is the last we’ve seen of Joe Tate. Although, as the Emmerdale double-bill came to a close, Ned Porteous’ exit video was shared across the village’s social media channels.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ned Porteous exits as Joe Tate (but is he dead or alive?)
Tues 9 Oct 2018 – HOUR LONG: Will Joe Tate follow Graham Foster’s instructions and leave Emmerdale.

At a recent press screening of the episodes, Ned Porteous told the press that Joe was indeed dead and gone, saying: “Yes and such a lot happened in those last episodes. You saw Cain strike Joe to the ground. Joe therefore took a very serious wound to the head it initially appeared he was dead and Graham appeared to think so too, up until that pinnacle moment when his finger twitched in the car, so that blow to the head on the rock didn’t actually kill him. However, Graham knew he had to get rid of Joe. It looks like he was the one that ultimately ended Joe but Cain unwittingly thinks it was him who killed him. Will Cain take the fall for it?

“It was tremendously exciting filming all of this last bit to the story as there had been a lot of build up to this point. We knew the course of this storyline for a good deal of weeks beforehand, so we had a lot of time to emotionally prepare for what was going on in the scripts. But I think I personally just focused on the work and concentrated on just producing some really good final scenes. I don’t suppose I really had thought too much about the fact I was actually going to be leaving and maybe I wasn’t quite emotionally prepared – but everyone was just so bloody lovely on my last day, it was a little emotional.”

When asked about his future plans, Ned added “I want to move back to London and I want to do a bit of travelling. I haven’t had a holiday for a very long time so I’m desperate first to get out to America, I’ve got management out there so I want to try my hand with the American casting system and then go on a little holiday, I think, I will turn my phone off, go climbing, go camping, go fishing.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ned Porteous exits as Joe Tate (but is he dead or alive?)
Mon 8 Oct 2018: The finishing touches are being done for the Home Farm charity masquerade ball.

And what about those soapy twists and turns? “That is one of the best things about working in a recurring drama like a soap,” said Ned. “The fact there are so many little twists and turns constantly which keep the characters and the storylines so fresh.

“It’s fun on Emmerdale to get the new script in and and go “oh wow what are we going to be doing this week?” Plus trying to keep it all as much as a secret as possible as that is what the viewers want, they want the surprise, they want the drama.

So was it hard keeping for Ned to keep his exit a secret? “Yes and no,” he says coyly. “Of course people are always stopping you and asking you what is going on in your storyline. It is one of the main things about working on a show like this that you are constantly keeping your storyline secret. I think it’s for the benefit of everyone. It just becomes part of what you do and it becomes quite easy.”

Sorry but until we see Joe’s dead body, we just don’t buy it. The character had so much potential when he arrived, we can’t believe he’s been wasted this way.


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