As Emmerdale’s Ross Barton continues to spiral into the world of drug addiction, actor Michael Parr tells Inside Soap why he wants a happy ending for his onscreen alter ego as he prepares to exit.

Fri 14 Sept 2018: Feeling uncomfortable, it’s not long before Priya and Jimmy King make an excuse to leave. Tracy’s heart breaks for him when Ross Barton opens up about Rebecca.

Acid-attack victim Ross Barton spirals further into drug addiction this week as he struggles to cope with new of Rebecca White, resorting to stealing from his brother Pete in order to fund his habit. Actor Michael Parr tells Inside Soap what’s going on in his character’s head and his hopes for Ross’ future as he departs Emmerdale.

How much do you think Rebecca’s disappearance has contributed to Ross’ current state?
It hasn’t helped. Ross and Rebecca had only been on one date before they went missing, so they weren’t exactly Robron! They were friends, though, and he’s lonely now – not just because of all this with Rebecca, but because of Pete moving out too.

Fri 14 Sept 2018: Tracy Metcalfe and Priya Sharma are apprehensive as they arrive at Dale View and are greeted by a wired Ross Barton and loud music playing.

Why has Ross turned to cocaine to cope?
The drugs are just a way to mask his real feelings and to give him confidence. He keeps taking cocaine and throwing parties, so he doesn’t have to be left alone with his own thoughts. He even steals from Pete to buy more cocaine.

He and Tracy smash a car together this week – why is that?
It’s just a car at the scrapyard, it’s no one in particular’s car. It’s not like a revenge job or anything. They are just having fun and letting off some steam. It was very fun to film – but smashing windows with a crowbar is harder than you think! You’d think it would do through immediately, yet it took a bit of force to break it….

You are leaving Emmerdale soon – do you want Ross to get a happy ending?Having some kind of happy ending would be nice. I know we can’t write that he’s got over the acid attack – it’ so unrealistic. But maybe if they say that he’s putting the right foot forward. I’d like it to end like that.


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