Emmerdale actor Michael Parr has given a few teasers about his big new storyline, claiming it to be the most exciting plot he’s been involved in during his time on the show – and given how the Ross and Donna story finished, it sounds like its going to be epic.

Michael Parr teases new Emmerdale storyline

Dales star Michael Parr revealed his character Ross Barton would be involved in a hge story in 2018 that was separate to the recent ‘whodunnit’ mystery surrounding the death of his mother Emma Barton.

At a recent press event, Michael said: “It’s the most excited I have been about a storyline since I got here. We’ve not started filming it yet.

“It’s something to sink my teeth into and study. It’s not like I can just get the scripts and learn my lines.

“There’s a lot of things that I’ve got to learn and a lot of acting technique will be involved, I imagine. It won’t be simple, as it’s not a very straightforward storyline.”

He added: “I went to a Method acting school. Though you can’t do Method when you are doing a soap, this is probably the closest I will get to be fully engaging in something.”

What could it be? Given since his arrival in 2013, Ross has already had an affair with his brother Pete’s fiancee Debbie Dingle which led to Pete thinking he’d killed his sibling only for Ross to ‘return from the dead’, fathered a baby with his Debbie’s mum Charity, got involved with drug dealing, had numerous fights and several explosive romances including one resulting in the death of his secret girlfriend Donna Windsor Dingle.

And given he’s about to find out who actually killed his mother – and it wasn’t his half-brother Adam Barton, he’s still got that bad boy inside him just itching to get out…

*This clip has nothing to do with the above article but… who cares!


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