Emmerdale’s Megan Macey is caught in a lip lock with Graham Foster but when arch enemy Charity Dingle catches them, will she tell Megan’s fiancé Frank Clayton? Actess Megan Macey tells all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Megan Macey caught cheating with Graham
Wed 11 July 2018: It’s clear things are about to go further, but Megan Macey and Graham Foster hear a noise.

Megan Macey has some explaining to do when her fiancé Frank Clayton (Michael Pread) finds a pregnancy test in her handbag – especially when he’s had a vasectomy! The test may be negative, much to her fling Graham Foster’s relief, but will Charity Dingle reveal the truth when she catches Megan and Graham in a clinch?

What is it about Graham that Megan Macey can’t resist?
“He is a man of mystery and Megan finds him enigmatic. She likes the danger and excitement of being with him – he reminds her very much of her brother Declan.”

But she is engaged to Frank… does she love him?
“Yes, he’s a loveable rogue who comes with a ready-made family and Megan wants that.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Megan Macey caught cheating with Graham
Tues 10 July 2018: Megan Macey’s shocked when Graham reveals that Frank found the pregnancy test. She reveals it was negative, to Graham’s relief .

How did the pregnancy scare affect her?
“She was terrified. There is some doubt as to whether Frank can still father children. She is at that point in life where she didn’t expect that to happen. She thinks she has got away with this affair and a pregnancy scare is the last thing she wants.”

So what happens when Frank finds the test?
“It is actually Graham who tells her that Frank has found a pregnancy test in her bag and alarm bells ring. He confronts Megan about it and she reacts by accusing him of not trusting her.”

How does she end up kissing Graham again?
“There is chemistry between him and Megan, which she tries to resist because she doesn’t want to be unfaithful, but there is unfinished business there. She’s at Home Farm trying to organise things for one of Joe’s clients and although she thinks she is strong enough to resist Graham while she’s there, she’s not.”

How does she feel when Charity reveals she knows about the affair?
“Charity’s everything that Megan can’t stand in a woman, so she is the worst person to know about it. Megan knows it is a ticking time bomb because Charity can’t keep a secret for long.”

Who will Megan choose if she has to – Frank or Graham?
“I don’t know, it’s a dilemma. For longevity, I think it would be Frank, he would be there forever and they’d grow old together and he’d look after Eliza and everything. However, for excitement, thrill and passion, it would be Graham. There are some lovely scenes to come where all this is addressed.”

Would Megan like to be reinstalled at Home Farm?
“Who wouldn’t want to get in the big house? There is so much space and it is nicer to cook in that kitchen. I am sure Megan could get up to all sorts of mischief with Graham; he might bring out her darker side.”

What’s it like working with Andrew Scarborough (Graham) and Michael Praed (Frank)?
“They are both really fantastic actors. Michael never stops telling me stories and he’s very, very funny. Andrew is the same. I am a lucky woman.”