Will Emmerdale’s Maya Survive?

With teenager Jacob Gallagher free from her control and threatening to reveal all, Maya Stepney’s plans to leave Emmerdale are thwarted by a nasty accident. Actress Louisa Clein explains all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Maya's in panic mode says actress Louisa Clein
Thurs 7 Feb 2019 – 7pm: Maya’s terrified to have lost control over Jacob and decides to leave the village, but whilst she’s packing her things away she falls off a stool and hits her head rendering her unconscious…

Controlling Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) has pushed young Jacob Gallagher’s buttons once too often and finally seeing through his dad’s girlfriend, Jacob gave her an ultimatum – and he’s not budging. Excellently played by Joe-Warren Plant, as Jacob finally breaks free and starts a new relationship with Liv (Isobel Steele), he warns meddling Maya in no uncertain terms to back off, or he’ll tell David all about their affair.

Having lost control over Jacob, Maya realises that if the truth comes out she’ll lose her job and her freedom so she plans to leave Emmerdale until a nasty accident stops her. Actress Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, explains more…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Maya's in panic mode says actress Louisa Clein
Tues 5 Feb 2019: Furious Aaron Dingle bursts into Mill Cottage to find Liv and Jacob Gallagher cuddled up.

“What Maya experiences is pure, uncontrolled panic,” says Louisa. “Her relationship with Jacob is about control and not being challenged. He’s young, he adores her, he looks up to her – and she’s his teacher as well, so there’s a sense of authority and power for her.  Suddenly, when he gravitates towards Liv, Maya is losing that control, and she is being challenged. She panics.”

As Jacob continues to grow closer to Liv, Maya struggles to contain her jealousy and hatches a plan. Seeing Liv and Jacob go into Mill Cottage together, Maya is quick to tell Aaron and Robert Sugden-Dingle that Liv is home alone with Jacob, prompting her protective older brothers to burst in on the pair and throw Jacob out!

However, the next day Jacob and Maya are sharing a moment when Aaron interrupts them, and it becomes clear that she set up Jacob and Liv to be caught.

“I’m not sure Jacob even realises the extent of Maya’s manipulation at this point,” adds Louisa. “I think he is utterly and emotionally invested in her, while living with this day-to-day confusion as a result of her playing him. One minute she is saying ‘I want to be with you,’ and the next she is telling him to be with Liv and cover up their affair. It’s like a game of cat and mouse, and he doesn’t know what to do.”

Jacob is absolutely furious with Maya and threatens to tell David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden), which prompts her to try to leave the village.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Maya's in panic mode says actress Louisa Clein
Wed 6 Feb 2019: Furious, Jacob tells Maya to stay away from him, leaving her crushed.

“Maya’s decision to leave is out of pure fear,” says Louisa. “It’s not thought through – it’s utterly impulsive and cowardly. I think she just can’t face it and is so frightened.  There are moments of reality hitting Maya, as she realises what she’s done and the possible repercussions of her actions. So she’s running away.

“In her panicked state. Maya is trying to pull her suitcase from the top of a cupboard, when it flings back and she falls with it. The audience won’t know at this point what the damage is, but she hits her head and there is certainly blood. Maya has also put her foot through the chair and has hurt her ankle – so she is not going anywhere.”

If Maya survives her fall, and Jacob has spilled the beans to David, will she be forced to account for her actions?  Or will it transpire that her injuries are so severe that Maya takes her sordid secret to the grave?

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