Emmerdale’s Maya Finally Caught Out!

Emmerdale’s Big Night Out promises an evening of shocks as someone catches Maya and Jacob! Actress Louisa Clein tells all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Maya and Jacob caught on Big Night Out
Emmerdale’s Maya Stepney played by Louisa Clein

Ever since teenager Liv Flaherty discovered Maya Stepney’s secret relationship with Jacob Gallagher, the pair have been on borrowed time. Could Emmerdale’s Big Night Out be the final nail in Maya’s coffin?

When a suspicious David Metcalfe asks Maya why she is selling her car, she lies that she needs it to pay for her divorce. Feeling guilty, David privately reveals plans to propose to Maya with Val’s ring, sending Jacob into a tailspin as he’s stolen it to raise money to pay off Liv.

After Maya reluctantly agrees to go clubbing with David and the girls, she reveals she knows about the proposal and tells him not to. Heartbroken, David finds solace in Tracy and they kiss. Having seen the kiss, Maya is furious and storms out of the club.

Later, one of the girls catches Maya and Jacob together. How will they react when they find out they have been seen? Is the game finally up for Maya? Actress Louisa Clein explains…

What state of mind is Maya in at the moment given she is being blackmailed being caught by Liv?
“Liv blackmailing her has completely panicked Maya and she’s desperately trying to regain some form of control. In her psychological state, she is selfishly thinking how can she protect herself? How can she get the control back? It’s the first time really she’s been very vulnerable and frightened. It’s a matter of how someone who has been cornered becomes like an animal. How does she behave and react?”

How does the big night out come about?

“Maya’s really not up for going out to the club. She’s feeling very nervous and anxious trying to find this money. However, Leyla convinces her and David also says they need a bit of fun. Jacob recently stole Val’s ring trying to get some money together for Liv. It all escalates and lies are told that he’s in a bad place so Leyla and David think it’s best for him to go off to Portugal. Maya’s feeling lonely, lost and nervous, desperate and a bit frightened, her future is quite precarious right now.”

What happens when she arrives at the club?
“At the nightclub, Maya’s very distracted because she’s not committed to the evening and doesn’t really want to be there. She’s also been told previously the reason they noticed the ring had gone missing is because David was planning to propose to her, so Maya’s feeling unsurprisingly nervous that at any minute David could get down on one knee.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Maya and Jacob caught on Big Night Out
Thurs 25 Apr 2019 – 7pm: David and Tracy realise the mistake they have made and break apart.

“There’s an awkward moment early on when he says they should just move on and try and enjoy each other and Maya just blurts out ‘Please don’t propose to me now; in fact don’t propose to me, ever’ which is brutal and incredibly painful for David who decides he’s going to walk away and get very drunk. As he’s pouring his heart out to Tracy, they end up having a bit of a drunken kiss. At which point Maya walks over and sees it.”

How does she react?
She’s spent the whole of these two relationships she’s currently embroiled in completely compartmentalising the two of them. She’s always felt guilty for the way she’s treated David – not to the point of true understanding of what she’s really doing, but when she sees David kissing someone else, it’s a very instinctive reaction of ‘you’re cheating on me’.

“Obviously she has no moral high ground to stand on. At that impulsive moment she’s seeing her boyfriend kiss his ex wife and she’s furious. She also doesn’t want to be there and she’s upset. A big row ensues. David skulks off and there’s a real slanging match between Tracy and Maya. Leyla obviously gets involved as does Priya and in the end, having had messages from Jacob saying ‘I miss you’, she heads out of the club.”

What are her feelings for David and Jacob?
“Maya’s emotions are very complicated. Her feelings for David are very muted. She cares for him, she does but it’s a challenging adult relationship and for whatever reason she can’t quite handle that.

“With Jacob, she thinks she loves him, she thinks this is a relationship she could absolutely invest in. Emotionally and ironically, it seems more on her level. He adores her. He doesn’t challenge her. He doesn’t do anything other than boost her and look out for her and makes her feel great. Whereas David is a grown up man that has his own life going on.”

Maya and Jacob are caught by one of the girls tonight. What can you tell us about that?
“One of the girls catches Maya and Jacob and goes and tells the others. The reaction of the girls is one of complete and utter shock, then comes an unbelievable fury.

“There is also the sense of guilt that they have let him down, that they’ve been played by Maya. They start piecing together the previous months and suddenly it all fits. Because of their characters, they all react in different ways but they all have their own personal agenda as to how they would like to deal with Maya.”

Has she been expecting or prepared for the event of getting caught?
“I don’t think she has been expecting to get caught or preparing for the event. She really did naively believe the plan they had which was to wait for Jacob to finish school, become public and say nothing happened whilst he Maya was his teacher. They would live happily ever after and she believes that could work. Suddenly the reality of it all coming out triggers pure fear, panic and self-defence.”

Does this mean the game is up for Maya?
“Being caught in this way means there is no going back. But it’s how she deals with that. Is she someone that’s going to run away and hide from it? Is she someone that’s going to confront it and try and defend herself? Is she going to get that opportunity? It’s all to play for still…”

How has it been playing this storyline?
“It’s been intense playing this storyline. The last few weeks of the build up and escalation has been extraordinary. I have been unbelievably lucky in working with Amy, Roxy and Fiona. We’ve all really looked out for each other over the time we’ve had to film long and late in to the night and early morning. There’s been quite a lot of physical stuff that I’ve never had to do before. It’s been an enormous challenge. It’s been fantastic and brilliant and thrilling and I’ve had a great time, but it’s not been easy.”

See part one of Emmerdale’s Big Night Out starting week commencing 20th April, with the second part revealed starting 6th May.

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