Emmerdale fans have fell in love with Matty Barton but could old pal and sister-in-law Victoria Barton be the next to fall for the newcomer’s charms. Actor Ash Palmisciano tells all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Matty Barton’s friendship with Victoria leads to romance?
Mon 23 July 2018: Victoria Barton suddenly senses a romantic attraction with Matty.

Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) and Hannah Barton used to be best friends so its no wonder since Matty Barton arrived and explained his new circumstances, him and Victoria have been thick as thieves.

But are the two about to become more than just good friends? “At the moment, Matty Barton is happy to have his best friend back,” actor Ash Palmisciano tells Soaplife. “If they were to get romantically involved, there would be a lot of obstacles to face.”

Is this just friendship that Matty feels for Victoria?
“At the moment, he’s happy to have her there because his family hasn’t been as understanding as she has.”

Will there be any romance between them in the future?
“Well, there’s a spark, but it all depends on what the people in charge decide.”

Has Matty had a relationship as a man?
“He did have a dalliance with a lady, but he’s finding that side of stuff really hard.  He needs to figure out who he is before he meets someone. The question is, when do you tell someone that you are trans? With Victoria, it’s easier as she knows already.”

What’s the story with the bull?
“Matty Barton bought a bull in an attempt to impress Moira Barton and save the farm. It transpires he’s bought a dud, so he asked Victoria to help him bring down Lara, the woman who sold it to him.”

How do you feel about being cast as Emmerdale’s first trans character?
“It will obviously split opinion because it’s something new. So far, though, the public feedback has been amazing. I’ve had lots of messages from people saying it’s opened up conversations in their house. It suggests there’s been a positive impact and I hope it normalises what it is to be trans. There’s much more to Matty than that – he’s a son, a cheeky chappie and a lot more besides.”

Do you think the story is being told well?
“I’ve lived this and the guys upstairs have said I’m to let them know if there’s anything they can do to make it more authentic.”

How did you get the part?
“I went up to Emmerdale with a charity called All About Trans, who work on positive representations of trans people in the media. I came to advise the script people and I said they needed someone in the show that people love, who happens to be trans. They ended up auditioning me!”

Have you been recognised?
“Yes, I had a surreal moment on the train the other day when a lady asked me if I was on the telly the previous evening. When I told her I was, she asked to have a selfie taken with me, which was nice.”


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