Time is running out for Emmerdale’s latest serial killer Lachlan White as he comes under pressure this autumn, actor Thomas Atkinson reveals.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Killer Lachlan White storyline to reach ‘shocking climax’

There have been a few villagers who have got away with the odd murder but when you’ve gone on a bit of a killing spree that has seen you get rid of your mum, granddad and best mate, its only a matter of time before you get caught – so Lachlan White’s days are numbered!

Given how long Lachlan has been ‘getting away with murder’ and that we are heading for the autumn with ‘super soap week’ rumours circulating, chances are that the net is closing in on the menacing teenager. Especially as his aunt Rebecca White (Emily Head) knows exactly what he’s done. If only she wasn’t held captive in a cabin in the woods, she could tell all. But Lachlan White isn’t going to let that happen…

“Lachlan has thought about killing Rebecca, but she is family and all he has left, so it is a struggle,” says actor Thomas Atkinson. “He knows that he must keep her quiet, though, as she could ruin everything.”

But Lachlan’s got more than Rebecca to worry about as Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) also has her suspicions given she knows that Lachlan tried to kill her and Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley).

“Lachlan always thought he could outwit people, but things start to unravel and he goes out of his mind,” explains Thomas. “People, including Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper), start to notice that he is behaving oddly.”

Being the one closest to Lachlan, Belle’s recent absence means she has no idea that her boyfriend is a serial killer, and Lachlan knows if she discovered the truth, he’d be out of his ear, away from her and his new adoptive Dingle family. But could he turn on her too?

Thomas adds: “Lachlan doesn’t think he could hurt Belle, but who knows what he is capable of when put under pressure? He will do whatever he has to do to hide his crimes.

“The best possible outcome for him would be that he gets away with the killings and lives happily ever after with Belle…but that is unlikely!

“As we go into the Autumn, the story moves towards a shocking climax. It’s going to be full of suspense and there will be some surprises along the way.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV.


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