Emmerdale Spoilers: Let’s face it, most of the residents of Emmerdale tend to be unlucky in love – par for the course in soap. But, the unluckiest has to be Marlon Dingle. Married three times, with numerous girlfriends as well, Marlon never seems to find the right woman… until now. Is headmistress Jessie Grant the one? Actor Mark Charnock and actress Sandra Marvin explain all to Inside Soap magazine.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Is Jessie Grant the one for Marlon Dingle?
Thurs 22 Mar 2018: With the new gerbil in place, Marlon Dingle is distraught to find out the old gerbil had cancer and is to be put down.

You’d think after 22 years of playing Marlon Dingle he’d be willing his on-screen alter ego to get it right but Emmerdale star Mark Charnock wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I do enjoy playing thwarted love, mainly because in Marlon’s case it’s always very funny,” Mark tells Inside Soap magzine.

Mark and village newcomer Sandra Marvin, who plays head teacher Jessie Grant, are set for more high junks this week as Marlon Dingle continues to make a fool of himself whilst trying to impress Jessie. Even Marlon’s daughter April warning Jessie off her unlucky-in-love dad. So are they actually meant to be or is this Cupid’s way of telling them not to bother… Mark and Jessie reveal all.

Is Marlon going to get the girl in the end?
Sandra: Well… Marlon already has a big relationship in his life – with Paddy! Jessie would be in the middle of that, and I’m just not that kind of girl!

Mark: Marlon is definitely keen on her. Jessie is the first person since his ex, Carly, that he’s felt a connection with – but he keeps messing it up. Bless him, he just always appears so desperate!

Sandra: Jessie sees that in him. Marlon wears his heart on his sleeve, and there is no pretence behind it. I reckon that’s why she enjoys hanging out and laughing with him – or perhaps laughing at him!

Mark: Jessie does quite often give Marlon this bemused sideways look that says, “Should this man be institutionalised?”

Is it a tad too soon for Marlon to enter into another relationship after Carly?
Mark: No, I don’t think so. I reckon that Marlon realised quite quickly that she wasn’t the one. All he wants is to be loved back, so when somebody comes along who is nice and can see beyond the geek, he finds it very appealing – but probably throws himself in too deep.

How does April feel about Jessie being the new woman in Marlon’s life?
Sandra: April is a bit cold towards Jessie, and basically warns her. “Don’t hurt my dad”.  They have a frosty few days and then the gerbil arrives…

Mark: Oh yes, Arnold the Gerbil. Sandra, I think you should explain.

Sandra: Basically, Arnold is the school gerbil that Jessie suggests Marlon and April take care of. It’s her way of extending the olive branch to April, and she hopes that Arnold will be going to a caring and loving home, where no harm will come to him….

Uh-oh! This doesn’t sound like good news for Arnold!
Mark Let’s just say that he ends up going to a better place. Honestly, you get these scripts and out of context they’re just crazy, but the gerbil was the perfect ingredient. I can’t believe I’m discussing…

Sandra: …the symbolism of the gerbil.

If things don’t work out with Jessie, can you see Marlon with anyone else?
Mark: It’s very dangerous to think like that. In the years gone by there might have been conversations with other actresses that went, “So, imagine if they put your character with Marlon? The reaction would either be, “Oh…” or “Oh gosh, is that the time? I’d better get off and learn my lines for that scene in three hours.”

And Sandra, are we set to learn a bit more about Jessie’s backstory?
Sandra: Well, she has a son she talks about a lot, and she’s looking for somewhere to live nearer the village – ideally where he can visit her.  I can’t say more without giving things away, but I think Jessie’s family history is still to be discovered…

Source: Inside Soap


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