Faith Dingle gets on the wrong side of granddaughter Debbie as young Sarah refuses to go ahead with any more treatment after hearing Faith say it was a waste of time. Emmerdale actress Sally Dexter explains all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Faith Dingle angers Debbie as Sarah refuses treatment
Tues 14 Aug 2018: Debbie Dingle is devastated when Sarah insists she won’t be having anymore treatment.

Everyone has had their fingers crossed for Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) as she awaits a heart transplant. The youngster has already shared her fears with cousin Samson so when she hears her great-granny Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) claim its all a waste of time, its just the excuse Sarah needs to cease all treatment.

Sarah’s mother Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) is devastated as it means she will lose her daughter so when she find out that Faith’s rant is what made Sarah decide to give up as she can’t stand any more pain, she is livid.

A seething Debbie orders Faith to stay away from Sarah but Faith is like all the other Dingle women and won’t back down, putting together a plan to get Sarah to change her mind and realise that life is worth living.

It’s a risky move says Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter, who plays feisty Faith Dingle, but it is worth it if Sarah changes her mind about the operation. Sally explains all…

Why has Sarah given up on her treatment?
Well it is a little bit Faith’s fault in a way because Sarah heard Faith talking to Diane and Je about her medical situation; Faith was just having an off day and she was not very encouraging about Sarah’s prospects. She was feeling so worried about Sarah that she didn’t dare hold out much hope.

How is Debbie dealing with the news that Sarah doesn’t want to have the heart operation?
She’s not wanting to progress with the heart operation because of what Faith has said. Debbie is absolutely furious with Faith, as you can imagine.

Is Faith feeling responsible?
Faith feels hugely responsible and she would do anything to help Sarah and even though she didn’t mean to she’s really put her foot in it this time.

How is Faith coping with the whole situation?  Does she realise she needs to do something fast?
She realises she needs to do something very dramatic quickly to shake Sarah out of this gloom-ridden state she’s in.  literally she wants to take her off to new horizons and make her see her life in a different way.

And knowing Faith, she has something up her sleeve…?
Faith comes up with quite an extraordinary plan I have to say.  She whisks Sarah away from out of the realms of the hospital to show her life really is worth living.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Faith Dingle angers Debbie as Sarah refuses treatment
Tues 14 Aug 2018: Faith Dingle has a plan and dressed in disguise wheels Sarah Sugden down the corridor. Can Faith make Sarah change her mind?

Isn’t it dangerous taking Sarah out of hospital?
There is a risk taking Sarah out of the hospital so she has to take an intravenous drip with her medication in it.  So, she drags her out of the hospital with that.

How likely is Faith’s plan going to work?
Faith Dingle has faith. If Faith can’t do it, I don’t think anyone can. Simple as.

Could Sarah survive without the operation?
Sarah needs medical assistance no doubt about that, without that she won’t make it.

What’s it like working with Katie Hill who plays Sarah?
It’s an absolute joy working with Katie.  The relationship that Faith and Sarah have has transmogrified to myself and Katie. She’s a fabulous young actress. Just like Faith and Sarah – they are on the level with each other – so Sally and Katie are too.

Do you give her any advice?
I don’t need to give Katie acting advice at all, I’d be happy to take some from her!

Is Faith good at holding the family together now Lisa’s away?
She would be good at holding the family together, but it would not be by discipline and authority but by having a damn good party every now and again. She knows how to keep the spirits up. But there is another side to her too, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a sharper more business orientated side to Faith too, we shall see.

How do the fans react to Faith?
They are so lovely, I couldn’t wish for a better response from people. They usually come up to me and bang my arm and say ‘eh, it’s you isn’t it?!  Oh, you’re bad you are.’ I don’t think I’m bad at all – I’m extremely good!

Are you enjoying Pollard and Faith’s relationship?
Pollard is an extraordinary character, a wonderful character to work with. I have huge fun working with Chris Chittell, he is a joyous person to work with.

Could Pollard and Faith’s relationship end up in wedding bells?
I don’t know if it’ll end up in wedding bells. I think the relationship will cobble along in some shape or form; it’s not a wild romance by any means but I think they will always have a huge fondness and regard for each other and a lot of fun to be had – maybe some at Rodney’s expense. Maybe the three of them, it’ll be like a ménage a’trois, with a lot of fun and a lot of friction.


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