Emmerdale Spoilers: David Metcalfe blows his last chance with wife Tracy when she find out he’s been getting up close and personal with married woman Maya in Emmerdale. Actor Matthew Wolfenden explains…

Emmerdale Spoilers: David Metcalfe kissing Maya ruins everything
Mon 2 July 2018 – Hour Long: After having a drink, a tipsy David Metcalfe and Maya Cavanagh get close and are about to kiss.

They were one of Emmerdale’s few happy couples but any chances of David Metcalfe reuniting with his wife Tracy (Amy Walsh) end when he tries to kiss Dr Cavanagh’s wife, Maya.

David wants to get back with Tracy,” actor Matthew Wolfenden tells Soaplife. “But this beautiful woman comes along and she flirts with him and he has a moment of weakness.” Is there no hope for David and Tracy?

How has David been feeling since he and Tracy split?
“Pretty devastated, to be honest. He realises he made a massive mistake and he wasn’t as supportive as he could have been. He’s been a bit of a dunce and, in the back of his mind, he thinks he’ll get her back.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: David Metcalfe kissing Maya ruins everything
Tues 26 June 2018: One thing leads to another as David and Tracy Metcalfe end up kissing.

And it looks like they might when they share a kiss…
David thinks that he’ll get her back with a bit of magic and flirting. But, the day after, she says it was a massive mistake. She doesn’t want David in her life. She says he’s ruined everything and he’s gutted.”

When did David first meet Maya?
“It was a few months ago when he was putting himself up for the Hotten Retailer of the Year Award. Dr Cavanagh was on the board, so David invited him and his wife Maya to the shop for dinner as a way of trying to butter him up. It all went wrong when Tracy got drunk and she told them she used to be a prostitute.”

How does he come to be having a drink with Maya?
“She comes into the shop quite teary. She explains her marriage isn’t going well and there is a little bit of a moment between them when they look into each other’s eyes. When he sees her again, they have a glass of wine and they carry on chatting about their failed marriages and what losers they are… and there’s chemistry there.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: David Metcalfe kissing Maya ruins everything
Fri 29 June 2018: David Metcalfe enjoys spending time with Maya Cavanagh

Do things go any further between them?
“Yes. A glass of wine turns into a bottle. They get tipsy and there’s a bit of flirting. David leans in for a kiss and, as he’s about to plant one on her, the doctor walks in and sees everything. He shouts, ‘What’s going on?’ David apologises and he says he got tipsy and he read the moment wrong. He explains it’s all his fault. The doctor tries to punch him and David gets in the way.”

What does Tracy overhear that upsets her so?
“She walks in and overhears David say he tried to kiss Maya. I think she was coming to see him for a little chat to say that maybe she was wrong but this is the final straw and she throws her wedding ring at him.”

How does David feel about that?
“He kicks himself because he has ruined everything.”

Will there be a romance with Maya?
“Things are going to develop. We filmed a scene where David has almost lost the plot. It’s the day when he realises he and Tracy will not get back together. Rather than give himself a few weeks break, he rings Maya and invites her to the house. It was a great scene to film. Pollard says ‘What on earth are you doing?’ and David replies ‘The Tracy chapter is over… this is my new chapter.’”