It’s a known fact that couples don’t stay happily married for long in Emmerdale but we were rooting for David and Tracy Metcalfe, especially given how far Tracy has come since she arrived in the Dales. But it looks like is all over for them after David’s reaction to Tracy’s past and when a secret he’s been hiding is revealed.

Tues 27 Mar 2018: Tracy Metcalfe’s depressed as she suspects Priya and David Metcalfe are together.

Things started to go downhill for David and Tracy Metcalfe after Tracy (Amy Walsh) confessed that, years ago, when she was young and desperate, she worked as a prostitute. David (Matthew Wolfenden) couldn’t look her in the eye and she moved out. But what Tracy didn’t know was that David has been hiding a secret of his own – he slept with his ex Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) the night before she left for a new life in Greece.

With them taking time apart, David offers to help his other ex Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) by letting her and their daughter move in with him. However, he fails to be up front and honest with Tracy about his new house guest.

“Then Tracy goes to talk to David, but she sees another woman’s things in their house,” actress Amy Walsh tells Soaplife.  “Then when she tells David she knows he slept with his ex, he thinks she’s found out about Leyla Harding.”

Does Tracy know Priya is currently staying with David?
No. Tracy goes around to make amends and she sees shoes and two wine glasses. Then when she looks through the window she sees David comforting Priya, who’s upset as she’s suspected of hurting her niece.

How will Tracy react if she finds out about David and Leyla?
She’ll be really angry because he made her feel like she’s the dirty one and she has something to be ashamed of. Nobody turns to prostitution unless they have no other choice and it just shows how desperate Tracy was. She was a victim, but David believes she chose that path.

Would you like them to reconcile?
Yes, but him sleeping with Leyla’s a massive thing to forgive. It’s not just the cheating, it’s all the lies and the fact that Leyla and Tracy were good friends. The level of deceit from David is awful.

Do you think there is anything between Leyla and David?
You could see before she left that there was this little thing between them. She said she was still in love with him and he gave her this odd look.  It is a big possibility.

What do you think Tracy wants?
She knows that David still loves her and he wants her back, but will that be enough? The trouble is, he doesn’t beg or knock down her door, he just gets on with his life.

Are you sad about their split?
Massively. I’m sad that I won’t be working so closely with Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David. It’s funny because he didn’t even know his character had slept with Leyla, until Roxy Shahidi, who plays her, went off on maternity leave!

What does the future hold for David and Tracy Metcalfe – keep watching Emmerdale every week night at 7pm with an additional episode on Thursday’s at 8pm.


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