Emmerdale SPOILERS: Now Dan Spencer has accepted that daughter Amelia is missing, he is desperate to find the youngster and a new development gives him hope, says Liam Fox.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Dan Spencer is desperate to find Amelia says Liam Fox
Thurs 14 June 2018 – 7pm: Dan Spencer is left in bits when Benton suggests things may be more serious than they thought.

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) went missing after finding out it wasn’t Dan but his brother Daz (Mark Jordon) who was her dad. Her family are desperate to find her and hopes are lifted when Amelia’s spotted in some CCTV footage. “She’s out there and she’s alive,” actor Liam Fox tells Soaplife. “At this point, hope kicks back in.” But who is the mystery person she’s spotted with?

How is Dan coping with Amelia’s disappearance?
“Before this new development, he starts to fear the worst. He’s very stressed and concerned. He tried to look on the bright side, but things are really getting to him now and he begins to fear that he’ll never see Amelia again. He was in denial at first, but he can no longer convince himself that everything will be okay.”

Does it put a strain on his relationship with Kerry Wyatt?
“It would put a strain on any relationship, but Dan and Kerry (Laura Norton) are pretty strong at the minute. She’s being really supportive. They’re pretty solid and together.”

How does Dan feel about Daz Spencer being Amelia’s dad?
“If that was my brother, I’d probably kill him. It’s the lowest of the low. But, then again, they’ve always had this up and down relationship.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Dan Spencer is desperate to find Amelia says Liam Fox
Fri 15 June 2018 – HOUR LONG EPISODE: DS Benton asks Kerry Wyatt and Dan Spencer to make a televised appeal to help with Amelia’s disappearance.

Is Dan surprised by Daz’s behaviour?
“No. It’s not surprising Daz has done something this low as he’s already shown he’s capable of it. Their relationship is all over the place. However, the issue of Amelia’s DNA is less of an importance at the moment – what matters is getting her back.”

Will he continue to be part of her life?
“From Dan’s point of view, he’ll always be her dad. She’s 12-years-old and he’s been there all her life. You don’t just walk away.”

Tell us about this new development in the case.
“The police find some CCTV footage of Amelia – somebody has got her. She’s been seen walking around with this person. Now Dan knows she’s out there, he wants her back as soon as possible.”

Does Dan suspect Daz might have something to do with it?
“He guesses something is going on. There are clues about her phone and messages. It would be mad for Daz to be involved, but Dan is growing suspicious.”

What happens during the TV appeal?
“Daz, Dan and Kerry are there. Dan knows he needs to be as strong as possible. You’d expect him to be an utter mess and crying his eyes out. He does almost crack at the end.”

Source: Soaplife / Whats on TV