Cain Dingle Confesses to Murder!!

Secrets never stay secret for long in Emmerdale but its not often the culprits admit it themselves but that’s exactly what Cain Dingle does as he confesses to daughter Debbie that he killed Joe Tate. Actor Jeff Hordley explains…

Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle confesses to killing Joe Tate
Mon 14 Jan 2019: A tearful Debbie Dingle explains to Cain Dingle she can never move on from Joe.

Since that fateful October day when Cain Dingle punched Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) resulting in what he believes was his death, Cain has been like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Seeing heartbroken daughter Debbie Dingle struggle with being left at the alter, Cain has tried to put it behind him but this week, the guilt becomes too much and he confesses Joe’s fate to Debbie. With father and daughter ever be the same again? Actor Jeff Hordley who plays Cain Dingle reveals what happens next…

Why does Cain reveal the truth about Joe after keeping quiet for months?
“He’s at bursting point and it is weighing heavy on him. Debbie (Charley Webb) goes to identify a body the police have found. It’s a massive turning point, one of the lines is ‘the look on her face, I’ll never forget it’ and it’s a catalyst for Cain to tell her and not hold it in. Moira tells him not to but he goes to the garage, and Debbie is there. They start talking and it just comes out – after the morgue, seeing the look on her face. He just cant hold it in.

“She walks out of the garage, and he can’t find her. Next time we see her with Cain is at Home Farm with Graham (Andrew Scarborough). She goes to tell Graham, who then calls Cain to say Debbie is there. The scenes we shot with Charley were incredible. She realises that Graham was part of all this and in cahoots with her dad. This with the loss of Joe – he is actually dead, he didn’t run off and leave her at the altar – it’s too much and she breaks down at Home Farm. Charley was amazing!”

Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle confesses to killing Joe Tate
Actor Ned Porteous aka Joe Tate makes his Emmerdale exit

What does Cain tell her about what happened?
“He explains he punched Joe once, that he wanted to hurt him for what he’d done to her but didn’t want to kill him, his head hit a rock and didn’t even hit him that hard. He explains it was a freak accident and Graham backs him up. But for Debbie, it’s more the betrayal. He’s watched her being on edge, looked to Cain for answers and he’s lied to her for months. Then she realises Moira was in on it too.”

Is there any way back for Cain and Debbie?
“I don’t know whats going to happen now. To play the truth of this, there has to be a rift. But can they come back from that?”

But Cain didn’t kill Joe, (we saw a finger twitch) and we don’t know what Graham did…
“I hope Joe Tate walks back through the door one day! Both Charley and I have talked about it, as me and Charley love working together. Yes, there is a rift but we’re hoping they still come back together at some point, and if the truth of the situation is that he didn’t kill Joe maybe it’s a road back for father/daughter to reunite. I’d love that, but that’s the nature of stories like this. It will put us in new territory as father and daughter.”

Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle confesses to killing Joe Tate
Wed 16 Jan 2019: Cain Dingle loses it pushes and Moira against a wall.

One of the fall outs is a violent outburst towards Moira. What’s next for them?
“It’s pure frustration in that moment. Debbie comes to get her stuff, and Moira tries to talk to Debbie but makes it worse. Cain pleads with her it was an accident, and she leaves so Moira tries to comfort him. Cain says this is her fault, that she made it worse and has this absolute fit and trashes the kitchen. In that moment of trying to pick something up, she goes for him and he instinctively pushes her against the fridge. Not intentional more like ‘leave me alone!’ Natalie J Robb was brilliant, she let me throw her round. We’re always up for making it as real as possible. It was safe and nobody was hurt!”

Is Cain a broken man?
“Indeed, like never before. He’s at a new low, and he’s had many lows and a few highs. On a par with when Zak bludgeoned him and he went down after that, it’s on a par with that story.”

Could Charity help him, given he helped her through her trial?
“I think so. There is a chance she might help out but I don’t know in what capacity. Charity comes round to try and help Cain but he’s helpless at the moment.”

Are you looking forward to Kim Tate and the Tates V Dingles?
“Yes. I never worked with her before but Claire King is a soap legend, and Kim as a character is pretty legendary. We’ve got a great writing team, great crew and a brilliant cast so hopefully she’ll slot in great and we’ll have a lot of fun.”

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