Cain Dingle may be Emmerdale’s longest serving bad boy but one thing he’s never done before is to commit murder. Racked with guilt over what he did to Joe Tate, Cain confesses his killer secret to Moira. Actor Jeff Hordley tells all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Cain Dingle confesses his killer secret!
Fri 26 Oct 2018: Moira Dingle’s frustrated when Cain Dingle won’t answer any of her questions as to where he’s been and what’s going on with Graham.

He’s beaten folk up, intimidated them, kidnapped and had more bloody bodies in his car boot than he’s had hot dinners – but being a killer is new territory for Cain Dingle who believes he killed Joe Tate (Ned Porteous). Consumed with guilt, he’s tried running away but that didn’t work so now he’s trying confessing to his other half Moira.

Cain Dingle is not the person he normally is – this is a side of him we’ve never seen before,” explains Jeff Hordley. “His life is spiralling out of control, and he’s on the back foot, lost and upset.  So the scene is set for lots of great drama ahead.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Cain Dingle confesses his killer secret!
Mon 29 Oct 2018: Moira Dingle tells Cain if he can’t tell Debbie the truth, then he will have to leave rather than sending her away.

“He just wanted to hurt Joe. He had mucked Debbie (Charley Webb) around so many times already – and then he left her at the altar. Cain saw how upset Debbie was at that point, and he did say that if he ever saw Joe again, he would kill him. But it was just a figure of speech.”

When Joe showed up at Home Farm after everyone thinks he has jilted Debbie at the altar, Cain let his fists do the talking and one punch and a badly placed rock was all it took to knock Joe out cold.

Graham was at the scene and took control, offering to get rid of the body – which saw a finger twitch while it was being moved – so we won’t believe Joe is dead until the body is found. However, Cain is convinced he is responsible and Graham isn’t letting on otherwise.

“At the moment Graham holds all the cards and while I wouldn’t say that Cain is intimidated by Graham, he’s a match for him, that’s for sure,” Jeff adds. “If this was a game of chess, then Graham would definitely be looking like the likely winner. But hopefully, a face-off is where this is set to end up for the two of them.

“I love working with Andrew Scarborough (aka Graham) He’s great fun to be around, and we’re really enjoying playing out these scenes.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Cain Dingle confesses his killer secret!
Tues 30 Oct 2018: Moira Dingle hears the voicemail where Joe Tate told Graham he loves Debbie.

So after abandoning Debbie as she’s arrested for her part in Ross Barton’s acid attack and leaving Moira without any explanation, it’s no wonder both give Cain the cold shoulder when he returns.

But no one knows how to handle Cain like Moira (Natalie J Robb) and soon Cain reveals his killer secret and the guilt he feels. Having been there herself, surely Moira understands?

Moria is brilliant. She’s someone who’s been involved in a similar situation, when Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney) was killed. So she’s a real pillar of strength for Cain, telling him they’ll get through this together, that she’ll be right by his side – exactly what he wants to hear.  It’s a huge weight off his shoulders, unburdening himself of this horrible secret. He’s so relieved.”

With Moira now in the know, what the pair have to ensure is that Debbie never finds out and so have to trust Graham to keep their secret. But is Graham capable of keeping their secret given his relationship with Joe and Kim Tate as well as his own history for going off the rails when things get tough?

Debbie finding out would change everything but with her questioning why Joe has left her, and this being seaplane, you can see why Cain is worried…

“It would put a huge rift in their relationship,” Jeff says. “If Joe hadn’t died, then I think in time, Cain would have come to see that he really did love Debbie, could have made her happy. Now the fear of losing his daughter is Cain’s major worry – even more so than his fear of going to prison!”


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