Love triangles are a usual occurrence in soapland, too regular these days in Emmerdale, but when they involve Bernice Blackstock, Daz Spencer and Dr Liam Cavanagh, we’re all for it!

Wed 5 Sept 2018: Daz Spencer or Dr Cavanagh. We know who we would be picking Bernice Blackstock!

Bernice Blackstock’s relationship with Daz Spencer was doomed from the start but you knew the end was coming when the feisty redhead caught sight of Dr Liam Cavanagh when their eyes met across the Main Street Cafe.

Sparks flying the pair grew closer when Dr Cavanagh came to the rescue at Beauty and Bernice, when Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) suffered an allergic reaction. One thing lead to another and soon Bernice had got Liam over the back wash, running her fingers through his hair – she was shampooing his hair!

Having decided she want to give Daz the elbow, Bernice just needs to find the right moment but doesn’t want to kick a man when he’s down. Actress Samantha Giles who plays Bernice, explains all to Inside Soap magazine…

Would you agree that Daz and Bernice are an unlikely pairing?
Without doing Daz Spencer down, he’s been a stop gap for her. I think she went into it thinking, “This might be nice”, but now she just feels sorry for him. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? When you’re younger perhaps – not necessarily when you’re in your 40s like Bernice is – but you really want to get rid of this person, and you’re not quite sure how to do it.

What do you think of the idea of there being a romance between Bernice and Graham…
Ooh! I do like Andrew (Scarborough, who plays Graham), he’s very nice and I think that he’s a really good actor. That could be quite an interesting pairing, couldn’t it?

Bernice has never been short of love interests during her time in the Dales. What is it like for you every time you get a new one?
It’s quite embarrassing whenever you have to do any kissing with anybody, as you just think, “Oh God, I’m too old for this”! But once you’ve done it the first time, it’s all right after that!

Dr Cavanagh came to the rescue when Faith Dingle suffered an allergic reaction to Bernice Blackstock’s face mask.

Have you managed to pick up any beauty tips from playing Bernice’s scenes in the Salon?
Oh, I just fudge it normally – though we try to do real things when we can. I washed Jonny McPherson’s (who plays Dr Cavanagh) hair for real actually, and that comes on screen in a couple of weeks. It was quite surreal – we kept getting the giggles as it was just ridiculous, trying to be flirty while washing somebody’s hair in a sink that didn’t really work. It was a bit of a bizarre scenario!

What has been your favourite story to play out this year?
I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now actually, as I do think Bernice’s love life has been neglected for far too long! I think that if she does eventually finish with Daz, there will be a lot of backlash. Certainly on Twitter people seem to like him, as I think the women admire the underdog, don’t they? In reality, if you had the character of Daz as a boyfriend, you would get rid!

“Bernice’s issues with Daz are ongoing and she will keep trying to finish the relationship,” shares Sam. “She has taken a shine to Dr Cavanagh, the feeling seems to be mutual and they have a bit of a kiss. So we’ll have to see where that goes, if she manages to ditch Daz and whether it comes out that she has snogged someone else!”

We wouldn’t worry about any backlash Samantha if our Twitter poll is anything to go by… Emmerdale fans can’t wait for #Cavastock to happen!

We asked who should Bernice Blackstock be with?



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