As Emmerdale’s only remaining ‘happily married’ couple Jimmy King and wife Nicola have always been adventurous in the bedroom but with the stress of work getting to him, Jimmy King suffers a setback when he can’t ‘close the deal’ in bed. Actors Nicola Wheeler and Nick Miles explain all…

Jimmy King and wife Nicola seem to be the only couple that can get through anything given how long they’ve been together. Their passionate relationship has been tested more than once, but what happens when it’s the passion that is put to the test? With the pressure of being caught in the middle of the feud between Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) and Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) getting to him, Jimmy King struggles to ‘perform’ in the bedroom and resorts to buying dodgy Viagra online!

However, the real humiliation sets in when Nicola finds out – just as she and Jimmy learn that her dad Rodney is with a woman half his age!  That’s agony for Jimmy and Nicola, of course, but great fun for the actors as Nicola Wheeler and Nick Miles explain to Inside Soap magazine.

You do get some wild and wacky storylines, don’t you?
Nicola; We do! A lot of our stuff is treated quite light-heartedly, and it’s done in the typical Nicola and Jimmy way – but a couple might be sat at home saying ‘Yep, that’s actually us, that’s the problem we’ve been having, let’s go to the doctors.’ Jimmy and Nicola are the sort of characters you don’t have to take seriously if you don’t want to though!

What do they make of Rodney Blackstock’s girlfriend Misty? A thirtysomething Ibiza party girl, we hear…
Nick: It’s a living hell and only adds pressure to Jimmy King’s lack of bedroom performance.  The fact the writers have named her after my dog (Nick has a West Highland Terrier called Misty) has added to the idea that this is my nightmare.

Nicola: From what I’ve read so far, Nicola hasn’t commented on Misty being younger than she is. She’d be furious!

So what happens when Nicola finds out Jimmy has procured Viagra?
Nicola: She goes spare! Like most women might do, Nicola takes it personally and thinks, ‘What’s wrong with me? Doesn’t he fancy me anymore?’ But then she gets really anxious because Jimmy’s bought these random pills from the internet and has no idea what he could be taking!

Nick: Jimmy has been stuck in the middle of this war between Robert and Joe, and he’s very stressed.  He’s bought this dodgy Viagra, as it would be scarier to refuse Nicola in bed! She’s much more terrifying than any other option.

Nicola: We both love the fact that Nicola is a total sex maniac. I don’t know where she gets her energy from! I mean, isn’t it the most bizarre thing that she was paralysed in a fire while trying to retrieve a sex toy? Madness!

Indeed! Nicola loves Jimmy deep down though, doesn’t she?
Nicola:  Of course. I think you see a nice side of Nicola, as eventually she gets over herself and says they need to go to the doctor. But as always with poor Jimmy, something else gets uncovered, and in this case he has lied about his health. Dr Cavanagh has told him that he needs to lower his cholesterol level, and this is news to Nicola, so you know he’s going to cop it and be eating salads forever.

Funny you mention Dr Cavanagh. Rumour has it Nicola has taken quite a shine to him…
Nicola: Oh yes! Come and take a look at my husband, Dr Cavanagh, while I stand here in my negligee!

Nick: It’ll never happen for her. The doctor has seen what she’s like.

Nicola: Most men wouldn’t go for Nicola, to be fair. It takes a special kind of man to like that!

Is Nicola disappointed that Jimmy hasn’t made a success of working for Joe at Home Farm?
Nicola:  You can understand Joe’s point of view in that Jimmy’s family did oust the Tates from Home Farm, so you can see the revenge plot there. But of course, Dim Jim was the least impressive of the family. Dim Jim and his floppy willy! Poor Nick. If he’s not revealing his bottom to the nation, he’s revealing that it’s not working for Jimmy in the bedroom department. You’re a good sport!

Nick: Thanks!

The two of you obviously get on like a house on fire after all this time.
Nicola: Oh God no…(laughs) We do, yes.

Nick: Myself and Nicola have a speedy way of working with each other – we zip through our scenes very quickly.

Nicola: When I learn lines, I hear Nick and I know what Jimmy would sound like. Very rarely do we disagree on anything.

You’ve been together on screen for nearly ten years! And Nick, Jimmy has come a long way since his early days with the Kings.
Nick:  Yes, although looking back, they were dark times – he was bullied by the rest of the family!  I enjoy being on the Home Farm set and having plenty of room, though.  We have the tiniest space for our house with the biggest furniture.

Nicola:  it was a joke in that story that Nicola brought ludicrously massive furniture, and now we want to get rid of it. When Nicola was in a wheelchair, I destroyed half the set reversing into it all and taking it with me!  I’ll never walk past it and look at it longingly…

Nick:  Stick to the factory, love…


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