EMMERDALE SPOILERS: Coming to terms with an horrific acid attack was never going to be easy but given what Ross Barton has been through in the past year – losing his mother and his younger brother – this seems to have pushed him over the edge. Actor Michael Parr explains how his character emerges after the acid attack.

EMMERDALE SPOILERS: Actor Michael Parr says Ross Barton feels very alone!

Ross Barton is a shadow of his former self since he had the acid thrown in his face.  He’s scared wit-less that the attacker will strike again, not knowing that it was a case of mistaken identity and ‘wrong place, wrong time.’

Gone is the confident ‘bad boy’ we once knew and all that is left is a scared and agoraphobic shell of a man.  People want to help, but all Ross wants is revenge.  “He wants to find the attacker,” actor Michael Parr tells Soaplife. Will Ross discover that Debbie Dingle set up the attack, meaning for Joe Tate to suffer and not Ross?

How does Ross feel about life now?
He’s feeling very down.  The only family he has left is Pete and they were never that close.  There’s a new Ross forming, one who has no confidence and who doesn’t know how to face the world any more.  He used to be so arrogant.  He was a bighead about his looks and they’ve been taken away.  He’s also terrified to leave the house now.

What’s the worst thing about the acid attack for him?
It’s taken away his identity.  The aggressive, cocky and arrogant Ross is no longer there, and people are trying to give advice to the old Ross.  The worst thing is that he doesn’t feel that he can see his son, Moses, at the moment.  The little lad kind of shied away from him when he visited Ross in hospital.

Has it been a tough storyline to film?
I’m acutely aware of the fact that real people have been through things like this, not just acid attacks, but events that have left them scarred, especially to the face.  Everybody recognises you by your face and when that is taken away it reduces you to nothing…or at least that is how Ross feels.  The hardest emotion to play is feeling alone.  Ross is a really well-rounded character and if the audience just feel sorry for him then I’m not doing my job right.

How will he react if he find out Debbie was behind the attack?
I can’t imagine he’s going to be too pleased.  She’s been lying, saying shell find his attacker.  He also thinks she’s supporting him because she still has feelings for him, so its kind of leading him on as well.



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