Let’s face it, Ross Barton has been mooning over Debbie Dingle for way too long and given she is behind the acid attack that has scared him for life, its no surprise he’s locking lips with troubled junkie Dawn!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Actor Michael Parr explains Ross Barton's hook up with Dawn
Tues 5 June 2018: One thing leads to another and Ross Barton and Dawn kiss.

Now the truth about Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) being responsible for Ross Barton’s acid attack is out in the open, Ross has decided to start living again. He starts by asking Rebecca White (Emily Head) on a date but when she doesn’t show, Ross finds himself in a smooch with drug addict Dawn!

Not sure why Rebecca is getting upset when she did the same to Ross last year, dumping him to go and sleep with a VERY drunk Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley). Anyway, Rebecca forgets their date and is less than impressed when she realises Ross slept with Dawn. Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

“When Dawn shows interest it makes him feel good,” Emmerdale actor Michael Parr, who plays Ross, tells Soaplife. “He regrets upsetting Rebecca though.”

How is Ross at the moment?
“His head is all over the place. He has had to deal with some traumatic events and shocking revelations.”

Does he want to get revenge on Debbie?
“He is going to let bygones be bygones and is ready to move on. He might have been prepared to put her behind bars initially, but thinking about Sarah and Jack he might have to reconsider.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Actor Michael Parr explains Ross Barton's hook up with Dawn
Mon 4 June 2018: Will Ross and Pete Barton tell the village what Debbie Dingle did?

Is he worried by Cain’s threats?
“Cain thinks it will be even Stevens from that point, she threw acid in your face and you shot her, let it go, but it is deeper than that as they have been lying to him. He has nothing to lose in his head even though he has Moses he is in a very, very dark place. He’s not worried about Cain, Joe, Graham or what happens to Debbie, but he does care about the kids.”

Why does he ask Rebecca out?
“Pete and Rhona encourage him to ask her out she gives him a bit of encouragement that makes him think maybe his life isn’t completely over, she is very sweet, even though she kind of cheated on him that last time. He is willing to accept that people make mistakes and see past it.”

Could it work between them?
“I’m not sure if they would work further down the line, they might have a mutual bond, but the reality might be they have too many issues to be in a relationship.”

Why does he cop off with Dawn?
“He has been chasing Debbie for so long and she always turns him down, Rebecca doesn’t show up for their date, Rhona gave him the knockback so when Dawn shows she’s slightly interest it makes him feel good.”

How does he feel afterwards?
“He regrets upsetting Rebecca, she has been through her own traumatic time. He has lost his family too and he doesn’t want to bring her any more pain. It’s like Groundhog Day as she keeps forgetting it.”

Does he still love Debbie?
“He realises it is never going to work because of how she is. He needs professional help now. You have to love yourself before somebody else can love you really.”

Would you like to see him move on?
“I would like him to get away from the Dingles, start over and find a nice girl. He was an angry lad anyway. Just as he was starting mature with Moses his parents died. I can’t think of one happy moment Ross has had since he has been in the village, it would nice for him to have some happiness.”