The day has finally arrived where Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden are bound together in legal matrimony, bringing the whole of Emmerdale together for Robron’s wedding celebrations – but after all they’ve been through, can they live happy ever after?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron Dingle & Robert Sugden (Robron) to live happy ever after?
Family and friends gather for the wedding of Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle

Given everything they’ve been through over the past few years, no one deserves a happy ever after more than Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden but Robron’s wedding day is tinged with sadness following the death of baby Grace.

But the mother of the groom, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) is determined that her son’s big day should go ahead, much to partner Paddy Kirk’s concern about how she will cope. And he’s not the only one, as Aaron (Danny Miller) has his own doubts but his mum is adamant that they need this day.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron Dingle & Robert Sugden (Robron) to live happy ever after?
Thurs 4 Oct 2018 – 7pm: Family and friends gather for the wedding of Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle

And Aaron’s not the only one facing family woes as Robert’s sister Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) is livid after finding out Aaron lied to her about her husband Adam’s innocence and it threatening not to attend. Robert (Ryan Hawley) insists how sorry Aaron is for lying to her and thankfully she decides to put her brother first and go to the wedding.

So when the big day finally arrives, its no wonder Robert is overwhelmed to receive a wedding present from his future husband, not usually known for such romantic gestures. Aaron has had Robert’s watch, which he’s been holding on to since last year’s break up, engraved with the dates of both their weddings – the first unofficial garage wedding and this legal ceremony.

They join their family and friends outside the village hall at a Pagoda where the registrar is ready to get their wedding ceremony underway.

For such a happy occasion, Emmerdale invited the media to visit the set to watch the filming and to chat to the two guests of honour – actors Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley.

How do Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden feel in the run-up to the big day, coming so soon after baby Grace’s death?
 It’s mixed emotions, really. From Aaron’s point of view it’s bad timing and I think he wants to postpone it. Robert has a pep talk with him and says everything he needs to hear, that it’s a time to get the family together again, and that’s exactly the reason Aaron goes for it.
Ryan: Chas Dingle is quite forthright about not postponing the wedding and having their day, their wedding day, and everyone getting to be happy and celebrate the marriage between Robert and Aaron.

Do they make any changes to the wedding because of what’s happened?
No, but obviously with it being a family occasion, there are people who get the opportunity to make speeches about the occasion. And maybe what’s going on comes through in those speeches.

Ryan, how is Victoria in the run-up to the wedding, now she has found out that Aaron knew Moira killed Emma?
Victoria isn’t going to attend initially when she finds out that Aaron knew that Moira killed Emma, not Adam. Adam and Victoria’s relationship obviously suffered, ultimately, and she lost her husband to protect Moira. She’s very angry with both Aaron and Robert for not letting her in on that and for her having all that pain of believing that Adam was guilty, and gone on the run.

Robert does try to talk her round, but obviously he understand that she’s been kept in the dark; that she feels betrayed and hurt. So he does try, but he doesn’t push too hard. She ultimately sees that it’s a bigger occasion that her own particular upset and decides to come in the end.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron Dingle & Robert Sugden (Robron) to live happy ever after?
Thurs 4 Oct 2018 – 7pm: At a pagoda outside the Village Hall, the Robron wedding ceremony gets underway.

The pair of them really try to make the wedding as personal as they can.  Are the grooms hands-on with the arrangements?
Yes, they write their own vows and they wear nice suits. Obviously it’s a wedding and Chas goes to a lot of effort to make it a really special occasion for Aaron. There’s a particular scene where Robert and Aaron come back from getting their suits and meet Chas with Faith, and they’ve been spending the whole day getting the decorations ready. They’re a lot classier than last time!

Does baby Seb have a role in the wedding?
Baby Seb turns up to the wedding, obviously, as an honoured guest – and he has a particularly cute little outfit on!

This being an Emmerdale wedding, what goes wrong?
 It’s one of the very few occasions in the show where people get to be happy without any interruptions. Obviously there’s the background of what’s gone on with Grace, but it seems to be a very positive episode in that the characters are trying to be positive and celebrate the day and not let that affect them. Obviously, it does, and people make their feelings felt, but it’s a nice half hour of a wedding really.

Robron’s relationship has so much attention from fans. Do you expect that to die down once they are married?
 I guess for us, we just enjoy working together and that’s all I try to focus on. All of that attention you’re referring to isn’t something I find particularly useful. It’s nice, it’s lovely and it’s huge compliment that people are so intensified in our characters but all of that is not something I have focused on or enjoyed.

Have you sensed the excitement from fans or people in the street in the run-up to the wedding and do you think it will live up to their expectations?
 I think people will be happy to have them married. Last time it was rushed, they just did it between themselves and it wasn’t official or a signed legal agreement. So they want to do that and tie the knot. I think people can expect exactly what they want, which is a happy-ever-after. They’ve got such a good relationship, people have been interested to watch them and everyone’s rooting for them.

What it is about Robert and Aaron that makes it more likely for things work this time round?
  There’s so much more to Robert. He’s not the character he came in as and that’s what we always try to do; to play it that way as opposed to anything more.
Ryan: I think they’ve learnt from things they’ve done in the past, places where the relationship has gone wrong, so I think they’re much stronger this time around. They have a really strong foundation to build upon from here onwards into the future.

What can we expect in the weeks after the wedding?
Obviously there’s a lot to do with the Chas and Paddy storyline, so that will kind of reappear again. They’re dealing with that situation with Grace and the family.
Ryan: We’re currently filming something which involves all of the Dingles family. Its a big occasion and its a lot of fun to work with all those actors.

Now that they’re married, what is the surname going to be?
 The writers were very keen for them to keep their own identity, so it will just be Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden.

What are your hopes for their future now that Aaron and Robert are married legally?
That the stories stay interesting and that there’s still drama for our characters to encounter, interesting situations for them to find themselves in, and obstacles for them to overcome. Just because they are married doesn’t mean its the end if the road for the characters. They’ve got so many family members and people to interact with so the possibilities are unlimited.

Are more children in Aaron and Robert’s future?
Ryan: It’s certainly possible but right now they’ve got baby Seb to look after, so I don’t think it will be in the next couple of months.

The Dingles have had a pretty miserable time lately, does this feel like a happy ending of sorts?
Danny: Yeah – everybody’s got so much going on, and the Dingles are always at the heart of the show. It’s difficult when there are so many stories branching off in different directions, yet somehow they always come together.



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