Emmerdale Series Producer Iain MacLeod has announced that the Dingle clan is to get a “sexy young thing” in the form of a new “brooding male lead”, joining the iconic Dales family around September.

Reporting following a press conference where around 14 of the cast were present to discuss upcoming storylines to take us through the summer, the Mirror.co.uk reported the new characters arrival.

Soap chief Iain said: “There’s a big story that will be rooted in the Dingle family that will require a sexy young thing to appear but I can’t say too much more. It’s a new, brooding male lead.”

This new leading man is yet to be cast, although Iain did say he would join the show in September – which means he will obviously have a part to play in 2017’s version of ‘Super Soap Week’ which say the biggest car crash in soap history on Hotten By-pass. This year’s autumn extravaganza is said to be a different type of story, but it will still coincide with the show’s 45th anniversary.

So any suggestions for the new leading man? Interestingly, there is casting workshop with Emmerdale’s casting director Faye Styring and Mickey Jones, TV Director, on Saturday 14th May at the Inspire Actors Studio in Manchester so maybe they will find their hot new actor there… Stay tuned to find out!