Former Emmerdale actress Chelsea Halfpenny, who played Amy Wyatt, has revealed that she has no plans to return to the show. Chelsea, who now appears in BBC’s Casualty as doctor Alicia Munroe, left the Dales in 2013 after three years in the Dales.

Former Emmerdale actress Chelsea Halfpenny

Discussing a possible Emmerdale comeback in a recent interview with Inside Soap, Chelsea said: “I don’t know – that’s not on my agenda at the moment, but Amy was such a fun character to play.

“I’m sure there would be lots of stuff that they could do with her – she was a real live-wire.

Amy Wyatt is Kerry Wyatt’s daughter and the foster daughter of Val (Charlie Hardwick) and Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell). Aged 17, Amy gave birth to her son Kyle, whom she gave up for adoption, after a one night stand with Cain Dingle.

Chelsea as Casualty’s Alicia Munroe

“Laura Norton and Isabel Hodgins who played my mum and best mate Victoria have become proper friends for life,” added Chelsea.

“I really miss them all up in Leeds. It’s so hard because it’s quite far away and we’re working in shows where there are no breaks.”

Chelsea has played talented young doctor Alicia Munroe since 2015, becoming a firm favourite with viewers. Casualty kicked off its new series on Saturday (August 19) with a special two-part episode that follows Chelsea’s character Alicia as she heads to a refugee camp in France with some of the E.D team.

Speaking about the episodes, Chelsea said: “It’s good to work on things that are relevant – in the hope that it will make people more aware or help them with that kind of issue.

“It was nice to get out of the studio as well. Filming the episodes almost felt like doing a mini-film.”


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