Emmerdale’s Pete Barton is headed for scandal as he prepares to marry Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) while cheating with her best friend Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade). And actor Anthony Quinlan has revealed to The Sun that he’s the one getting the rap for it, as furious fans have reacted to his character’s antics.

Thurs 17th Aug 2017 – 7pm: Leyla Harding unbeknownst to Pete Barton, is having her own doubts.

Anthony revealed to The Sun Online: “I’ve had a mixed reaction from fans. Some people are Team Priya and some are Team Leyla. Some say they should both sack him off! Some women have stopped me in the supermarket to tell me off and tell me I’m naughty. People are torn and that’s the reaction we wanted.”

However Anthony also reveals he’s been having a great time with gorgeous actors Roxy and Fiona. He said: “It’s been brilliant. They are gorgeous. I’ve loved it. There’s been comedy and brilliant writing.

Thurs 17th Aug 2017 – 7pm: Will Pete and Leyla go ahead with the wedding? Will he tell Leyla the truth?

“Pete really loves Leyla but is madly in lust with Priya. He has a mad burning desire to be with her but he loves Leyla. He’s in a predicament. But I personally think he should be honest and step up and tell the truth.”

Meanwhile Leyla has noticed her hubby-to-be is acting oddly, and suspects he may still have feelings for former flame Moira Barton.

She hasn’t noticed there’s a current flame much closer to home – but she’s still got huge doubts about the wedding.

Roxy told The Sun Online: “Leyla always wanted that perfect ending. Because of her job she craves it for herself. She feels that she’s running out of time to find that perfect person. And she wants to start a family because she missed out on that with her son Jacob. Leyla thought she’d found an honest guy in Pete. But the speed of it becomes too much for her and Pete has been acting weird which adds to the doubts setting in.”

Pete’s affair could truly rock the dales as residents prepare for the wedding of the year. But Roxy reckons Leyla would forgive him if he cried and apologised enough.

Meanwhile she’s predicting a catfight for Leyla and Priya on the wedding day.

Well, here at The Emmerdaily, we’re with Leyla. This has all happened way too fast – so much so that in real life, Leyla and Pete wouldn’t even have a marriage licence yet as you have to wait 28-days for that and its been less than that since they got engaged!

Tues 8th Aug 2017: Priya Sharma misreads the situation and goes in for a kiss with Pete Barton unaware Sarah Dingle’s nearby.

Plus, we’re very sad to say, we’re nowhere near as invested in Pete and Leyla as a couple than we should be given we didn’t see enough of them together before Pete started grabbing Priya’s ass. Early signs showed Pete and Leyla (who haven’t event caused enough of a fan reaction to warrant a ship name – Peyla, Leyte?) had all the potential of the likes of Davicia or Genhil.

Anthony and Roxy both have great comedy timing, which was evident on screen the few brief glimpses we had. Sadly the development of their onscreen relationship was put on the back-burner while other storylines came to the fore.

We were promised a ‘sexy and fun’ summer affair by Series Producer Iain Macleod but given we’d never seen Pete even give Priya so much as a sideways glance prior to the week the affair kicked off, and its not been that sexy (apart from the ‘ass grab’ and Anthony getting his shirt off which is always a bonus) or that fun. Actually its own served in winding fans up more with the ridiculous amount of cheating that’s gone on in the village over the past few months.

So will Leyla and Pete tie the knot or won’t they? Will Pete confess his affair or not? Will Leyla realise she’s rushing into another relationship just like she did with Nikhil? To be honest, we don’t know and are not really bothered one way or the other… which is not an opinion we like to have!

Source: The Sun Online


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