Emmerdale has revealed the casting of former Eastenders star Ned Porteous, who played Mark Fowler Junior, and Andrew Scarborough, who recently appeared in Downton Abbey, in an exciting new storyline involving Debbie Dingle, played by Charley Webb, that will unfold over the autumn.

Emmerdale casts Eastenders and Downton actors
New Emmerdale characters Tom and Graham bring drama for Debbie

Move over Ross Barton, there’s a new fella catching Debbie Dingle’s eye in Emmerdale later this year with the introduction of Tom Waterhouse, played by EastEnders actor Ned Porteous, and his right hand man, Graham Foster, played by acclaimed actor Andrew Scarborough, known for roles in Downton Abbey and more recently teen drama Wolfblood.

The duo arrive when Charity secures a new business client. Debbie is keen to make sure they seal the deal with Charity ruining everything and insists she goes, leaving Charity seething.

Debbie meets Tom in Emmerdale
Debbie meets Tom in Emmerdale

Mother and daughter go all out to compete for attention,  with a glammed-up Charity getting in first to meet Graham in a hotel bar, but Debbie is hot on her heels.

Debbie makes the right impression and it looks as though everything is going her way until they leave the hotel. With the deal on a knife edge, and Debbie’s finances in disarray, she is visibly panicked at what unfolds as the deal is crucial to keeping their luxury car hire business afloat.

Tom, particularly, may be the answer to Debbie’s financial woes if she plays her cards right but she could end up out of her depth.

Ned Porteous said: “I was really delighted to secure the role of Tom. I’ve never played a character like this before and I am very excited to see how his story develops!”

Andrew added: “Graham is an interesting guy. He’s a bit enigmatic but he definitely has hidden depths, which I can’t wait to explore and he’s fiercely loyal to his boss Tom. I see Graham as a man a little like Alfred, the butler in Batman.”

Both Andrew and Ned have already started filming with on Emmerdale with their scenes are set to air from September.

While we’re excited to see Debbie move away from ‘Dross’, her ill-fated romance with Ross Barton, and thrilled to have an actor of Andrew Scarborough’s calibre join Emmerdale, we’re more interested to see how this unfolds given we’ve seen Debbie in this situation before. Money worries, dodgy business deal with a rich fella. Hoping to see a new element to this storyline that will heat us up as we head towards the end of the year.


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