Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher, best known as the much missed Andy Sugden, is returning to TV and back to the farm. According to TellyMix, Kelvin is set to appear as part of a brand new documentary called Springtime on the Farm.

Kelvin Fletcher to appear in Channel 5’s Springtime on the Farm

Kelvin Fletcher, who starred in Emmerdale for almost 20 years, will appear on the Channel 5 show, which is set to air in April, which follow JLS star JB Gill living and working alongside three others on his very own farm.

JB, who recently announced that he and his wife are expecting their second child, will be joined by Kelvin, Countryfile‘s Adam Henson and Springwatch Unsprung host Lindsey Chapman.

Adam Henson has promised that the show will be a ‘real celebration’ of farming that he hopes will capture the imagination of the viewing public.

Sadly, Kelvin isn’t looking to head back to the farming life of Emmerdale anytime soon despite the door being left open for his return.

Kelvin told the Daily Star: “They’ve asked if my interest in the show remains and it does, but at the moment I’ve got no plans to go back.”

The actor has recently been out in Los Angeles, and has already got an appearance in Netflix series The Shore on the cards. He also is building a career as a racing car driver.

“There’s been interest from a few places and I’m confident there’s something over there,” he added. “I’d love nothing more to play a strong leading male in a Marvel thing. I read they are about to make comic book hero Captain Britain and I thought that would be an amazing part to play.

“I thought I had a pretty good American accent but I had a few sessions with a voice coach over there and she was picking up on a few things. Possibly because I’ve got such a strong Northern accent, I emphasise the wrong part of words so the idea is to work on my American accent.”


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