Emmerdaily Exclusive! Kelvin Fletcher Return?

In an Emmerdaily exclusive, we talk to former Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher about a possible return to the Dales, being a racing driver and his stage debut in The Wizard of Oz.

Emmerdale News: Exclusive interview with Kelvin Fletcher aka Andy Sugden

Since about five minutes after he left Emmerdale, viewers have been asking Kelvin Fletcher, best known as the Dale’s Andy Sugden when he is coming back. Just over two years later, we’re still asking but Kelvin is way too busy it seems.

Not only is Kelvin going to become a dad again for the second time, but he’s also made a new TV series, is a successful racing driver, and for the Christmas period, is making his musical theatre ‘debut’ in a new production of The Wizard of Oz. We caught up with him at a recent press event.

Do you still watch Emmerdale and keep up with storylines?
“I don’t watch as it clashes with my daughter’s bedtime and I needed to put some distance between me and the show but it doesn’t matter because everywhere I go, the public keep me up to speed. They ask why I haven’t visited Sarah (Andy’s daughter) or if I even know she’s ill. They’re very passionate both in person and on social media.

“I do keep up with how the show is doing in terms of awards as I’m still good friends with Danny Miller (Aaron Dingle) and Ryan Hawley (Robert Sugden, Andy’s brother). They’ve both continued to do so well as has Emmerdale over the past couple of years. Its so well deserved and a long time coming!”

You were on the show so long and must have witnessed a lot of changes over the years – what was your favourite era?
“To be honest there wasn’t one favourite era for me. The whole experience was a gift as to play a role for that long and get so many varied story lines – comedic, dramatic, with so many different interactions with other characters was a dream. I got to work with some of the best creatives, writers, directors as well as actors. And I hope I get that variety in the new opportunities that come my way.”

Emmerdale News: Exclusive interview with Kelvin Fletcher aka Andy Sugden
Kelvin Fletcher as the Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz. Image by Mark Dawson.

Tell us about The Wizard of Oz and which character you play?
“This version is an adaptation of the Royal Shakespeare Company musical from 1980s so while it has the songs people know and love from the film, it also has some interesting differences. I play the Tin Man alongside Holly Tandy who plays Dorothy and is best known for the X-Factor.”

It’s quite an elaborate production so how are you finding the costume?
“We’ve evolved the costume since the first fitting and there’s more work to do before the curtain goes up as its not easy to move round in – if there’s a fire, I’ll be last to leave! It will also be only the second time in about ten years that I’m clean shaven, which my wife hates, due to the make-up that takes about 30 minutes to apply.”

Have you done any musical theatre before?
“When I was about seven-years-old and starting in performing arts, I did singing and dancing, anything to be the centre of attention. So I did some musical theatre then but nothing since I started on Emmerdale. Its exciting but nerve racking all the same.

The Wizard of Oz is on at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool through December. Have you been to Blackpool before?
“Yes, I used to holiday in Blackpool with the family as a child so it holds a dear place in my heart, lots of great memories. I can’t to perform here and bring my family back to watch. I just hope the Blackpool audience is kind to me!”

So you’ve filmed a new TV show The Shore and now musical theatre, so what’s the dream role?
“After playing the same character for so long, I’m just keen to do as many different types of roles as possible. I’m a history geek so I’d love to do a historical drama maybe but I just want to stretch myself as an actor.”

Away from acting, you’ve also carved yourself a new career in motorsport. How have you been received in the pit lane by the other drivers?
“There was an element of amusement at first, people thinking ‘here we go, he’s an actor’ but I’ve just let my driving do the talking and now I’m being taken more seriously. I’ve raced for years and competed for the past two seasons, with 2018 giving us the best result so far and I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring.”

Since the interview, it has been announced that Kelvin will join the Beechdean AMR team in the British GT Championship, racing the new Aston Martin Vantage GT4 alongside team mate Martin Plowman.

Kelvin Fletcher appears in The Wizard of Oz at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens until 30th December. Book tickets here

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