Ofcom has rejected more than 115 complaints about a recent murder scene in Emmerdale which saw fan favourite Gerry Roberts killed.

When Gerry walks under the propped up roof, Lachlan kicks a barrel into the prop and the roof collapses on top of Gerry, seemingly killing him.

Ofcom, the broadcasting standards regulator, has dismissed over 115 complaints over the brutal scenes that saw ex-prisoner Gerry Roberts, played by Shaun Thomas, killed by Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson). In a scene broadcast last month, Gerry was lured to a B&B where Lachlan caused the roof to collapse. Lachlan picked up a block and killed Gerry in the ITV soap.

An Ofcom spokeswoman said complaints were dismissed because they “found no graphic details were shown on screen.”

“We carefully assessed complaints that scenes involving violence were not suitable for broadcast before the watershed.

“The scenes were also part of a long-running storyline, which would have been within regular viewers’ expectations.”

Despite not taking this case forward, Ofcom are currently investigating Tracy Metcalfe’s sex worker storyline which received just seven complaints.

Emmerdale was previously cleared for complaints about Ross Barton’s acid attack.

Ofcom also received 11 complaints about a male suicide storyline in Coronation Street, which was praised widely by fans of the soap.