Emmerdale fans were enthralled as the ITV soap ended the week with a special episode that revealed the harrowing childhood of Cain Dingle and his sister Chas, revisiting the family home they shared with parents Faith and Shadrach Dingle.

Fri 17th Nov 2017: A flood of unhappy memories return giving Cain Dingle food for thought about Isaac. Will he also get a newfound respect for his mum or will past memories be too much? Tonight we get a glimpse into Cain’s childhood.

With fantastic casting, Emmerdale once again brought in a new set of actors to play the four characters of Cain Dingle, Chas, Faith and Shadrach each with an uncanny resemblance, especially actress Fleur Keith who portrayed Faith, and affording the same mannerisms as her current day counterpart Sally Dexter.

The episode saw Cain (Jeff Hordley) duped by mum Faith into revisiting his old family home, with viewers getting an insight into his upbringing.

Jeff explained: “Faith rushes into the garage and says that Moira needs Cain immediately. So a panicked Cain gets into a car with her, but she isn’t actually telling the truth. What she does is drive him to their old house where he, Chas, Faith and Shadrach grew up.”

Prior to the episode, Jeff revealed that younger actors would be seen playing 1980s versions of the Dingle clan, but he hadn’t seen the end result yet, saying: “I’ve only seen pictures of the young cast, so it’ll be fascinating to see how it looks.

“Sally [Dexter] and I voiceover the episode, but when it flashes back, all the young actors have got the nitty gritty and the domestic scenes. It’s a really interesting episode. I’m really excited by it.”

One of the most interesting elements of the episode was Cain himself hearing his mother’s side of her reasons for abandoning the family home after receiving another beating at the hand of drunken Shadrach.

Jeff added: “The audience wants answers about the history of Cain and Faith, as well as Faith and Chas. In this episode, it all starts to slowly unravel. Whether it moves us forward to another place remains to be seen, but there’s a lot more to explore in this story.”

Whilst some viewers were thrown by more flashbacks and the change of cast, most praised the show for continuing the push the boundaries and the excellent performances by Jeff Hordley and Sally Dexter as well as their younger counterparts.

The end of the episode saw Cain take responsibility for his son Issac, offering to raise the child while his estranged wife Moira dealt with her post partum depression.


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