Ross Barton’s Acid Attack receives most Ofcom complaints!

Emmerdale’s acid attack scenes are the most complained about soap storyline of 2018 according to Ofcom.

Emmerdale News: Emmerdale acid attack is 2018's most complained about storyline!
Ross Barton in acid attack

The acid attack storyline, which aired in February, became the most complained about soap storyline of 2018 after provoking 366 Ofcom complaints. Ross Barton, played by Michael Parr, was the victim of a case of mistaken identity when thug Simon McManus threw acid into his face.

In scenes that followed, viewers were distressed by the outcome and as the full extent of his injuries were revealed, with many contacting the industry regulator to share their concerns.

In the build-up to the attack, Ross stole his former boss Joe Tate’s (Ned Porteous) car and was incorrectly assumed to be the businessman, leading to a hooded figure throwing the corrosive substance on his face. 

Emmerdale News: Emmerdale acid attack is 2018's most complained about storyline!
Wed 10 Oct 2018: Ross Barton is about to attack Simon when Moira Dingle arrives.

He later shocked viewers by attempting to take matters into his own hands and beat up his attacker Simon (Liam Ainsworth) after he was found not guilty due to lack of evidence.

The second most complained about soap storyline was Coronation Street’s controversial male rape involving David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd).

Fans saw the brutal build-up and aftermath of David’s ordeal back in March, when Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) was seen throwing him onto the bed in a semi-conscious state after spiking his drink.

While nothing was shown on-screen, Josh could be heard undoing his trousers before closing the bedroom door, with the following episode showing David awake in Josh’s bed.

Despite many viewers branding the story ‘uncomfortable,’ Jack said he’s received plenty of praise from fans and victims’ support groups for taking on the plot.

The scenes racked up 214 complaints after they aired.

Along with the storyline around Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) taking drugs in a church and Pat Phelan’s (Connor McIntyre) murder of Luke Britton (Dean Fagan), Coronation Street received a total of 1,098 complaints in 2018.

Emmerdale ended the year with 759 complaints with 116 of those related to the murder of Gerry Roberts (Shaun Thomas).

Tony Close, Ofcom’s Director of Content Standards, Licensing & Enforcement, said: “Viewers are as passionate about what they watch as ever, discussing programmes with their friends and family, and with other people on social media.

“They complain to us when they think programmes have fallen below the standards they expect, and we carefully assess each and every complaint we receive. This year, we’ve taken action on many occasions where programmes have fallen short of the standards required by our rules.”

Source: Daily Mail

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