Emmerdale Episode Dedicated to Female Cast and Crew

Tonight, Emmerdale airs an all-female episode to celebrate International Women’s Day. The episode focuses upon female characters and the talents of women in the television industry.

Emmerdale News: All-female episode celebrates International Women's Day
Emmerdale’s cast and crew celebrate International Women’s Day

This special episode of Emmerdale has been written, produced, directed and recorded by a female led crew to mark International Women’s Day. On a daily basis Emmerdale has three crews filming scenes across four episodes. For this special episode a female led team were brought together so they could all work together on this project.

The episode will follow almost all of the Emmerdale female characters as they pursue their own individualstories across the generations.

Speaking about the significant episode Executive Producer, Jane Hudson commented: “I believe soaps are leading the way with gender equality on set.  This is a great opportunity for Emmerdale to show the female talent we have both in front and behind the camera.”

Emmerdale News: All-female episode celebrates International Women's Day
Some of the cast featured in Emmerdale’s International Women’s Day episode

In addition Producer Kate Brooks, said: “Our International Women’s Day episode is not only a celebration of women in the broadest sense of the word, but also a showcase for the female talent we have in the television industry. We wanted the episode to be character driven and story led, exploring all aspects of what it’s like to be a women in 2019.”

Director, Sarah Kendell, echoed her thoughts: “I was honoured to direct this episode. Loved the atmosphere/script/team and I really enjoyed undertaking a bespoke episode. There are so many jobs in tv and it was lovely to highlight them and show the sky’s the limit when it come to key roles. We have regular trainees coming up through the Assistant Director ‘AD department’ and many of them once in the show, transfer either into permanent roles or get jobs in different departments.”

It is not only behind the scene where the importance of this episode has resonated. For the episode, generations of females – from Amelia Windsor-Dingle to Diane Sugden feature. Secrets are shared and for many, it gave them the opportunity to work with cast members they don’t usually get to interact with onscreen.

Emmerdale News: All-female episode celebrates International Women's Day
Thurs 8th Mar 2019 – 8pm: The call knocks Charity Dingle knocks her for six. Who was on the other end of the line?

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Dingle: “Charity is on a mission in this episode, and although I can’t give anything away about her scenes, they will have a significant impact going forward. I really enjoyed filming these scenes as they were beautifully written and I was honoured to play a role in this episode. We work with a fabulous team, day in and day out, on Emmerdale so it was interesting they pooled all the female crew and cast into one team.”

Charlotte Bellamy who plays Laurel Thomas concurred: “We have a fantastic and inclusive team at Emmerdale and this episode hopefully will be a great opportunity for us to showcase some of the positions available behind the scenes to both men and women within the television industry. We have a fantastic cast on the show, but it was lovely to have an episode that concentrated only on the female characters.”

Whilst Natalie J. Robb, who plays Moira Dingle, praised how the episode focuses on what women can achieve with their careers: “I think it’s a great opportunity to show woman who have an interest in this industry and other industries what the opportunities and roles are.  Showcasing what we can achieve, where in the past it may have been a lot more difficult to access these positions.”

Emmerdale News: All-female episode celebrates International Women's Day
Fri 8 Mar 2019: Chas tends to Grace’s grave, she feels hope returning to her.

Meanwhile, Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas Dingle, relished the opportunity to work alongside other female actors: “The episode essentially deals with female stories across different ages from little April upwards. My character Chas bonds with Laurel over some news she has, they are not two characters who normally make time for each other so it was lovely working with Charlotte.”

Liz Estensen, who plays Diane Sugden, felt similarly: “In a TV programme such as Emmerdale with a large core cast, many of the characters never meet. Rhona and Diane’s paths, for example, have never really crossed. The episode that broadcasts on the 8 March to celebrate International Women’s Day sees the two characters meet, for the first time I worked with Zoe Henry and what a pleasure that was, it remains my most enduring memory of the episode.”

For those who work behind the scenes, the episode not only recognised how the show has evolved but the TV industry in the immediate and women’s equality in the workplace on a wider environment.

Fri 8 Mar 2019: Returning to the farm, Moira senses she’s being watched, then tells herself it’s nothing. Unseen, a hooded figure hides nearby.

Producer Laura Shaw explained: “I feel incredibly honoured to work alongside such a strong, inspiring and determined team of people at Emmerdale, and making this special episode gave us the opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come in the workplace in the last few decades. Some of the people still working on the team today helped pave the way so women like me could pursue the career they wanted and this episode celebrates that and everything we have achieved at Emmerdale.”

First Assistant Director, Val Lawson, added: “I was really excited to hear we would be producing an ‘all female’ programme. I started working in television nearly 46 years ago and production jobs for females were extremely limited. Certain departments would not even entertain the idea of women. I felt very honoured to be working with so many talented ladies and appreciated being included on this episode.”

Don’t miss tonight’s International Women’s Day episode and check back later for our review of the amazing women involved.

Emmerdale's International Women's Day
Emmerdale’s International Women’s Day – who is who
  1. Laura Dawson – Assistant Accountant
  2. Val Lawson – 1st Assistant Director
  3. Anna Coleman – Production Co-ordinator.
  4. Jamie Mills – 2nd Assistant Director
  5. Joanna Wilcock – Production Manager
  6. Joanna Rattray – Vision Mixer
  7. Jenine Horsfall – Makeup Assistant
  8. Emily Ogden – Publicity Manager
  9. Faye Powell – Makeup Artist
  10. Gillian Rooke – Script Supervisor
  11. Leah Megginson – Production Operative
  12. Sally Dexter – Actor
  13. Jessica Jones – Props
  14. Amy Lowe – 1st Camera Operative
  15. Eden Taylor-Draper – Actor
  16. Estelle Hind – PA to Series Producer
  17. Emma Price – Floor Assistant
  18. Michelle Hardwick – Actor
  19. Liz Barnett – Art Director
  20. Kate Brooks – Producer
  21. Vicky Freeman – Location Assistant
  22. Sophie Roper – Story Producer
  23. Emma Atkins – Actor
  24. Denise Watson – Storyliner
  25. Kirsty Catterill – Costume Assistant
  26. Georgia Ball – Unit Manager
  27. Ezra Tren-Humphries – Casting Assistant & Cast Liaison Officer
  28. Amy Walsh – Actor
  29. Sarah Kendall – Director
  30. Laura Heeley – Script Editor
  31. Laura Blakeley – 2nd Camera Operative
  32. Laura Shaw – Producer
  33. Liv Hennessey – Senior Storyliner
  34. Charley Webb – Actor
  35. Laura Norton – Actor
  36. Donna Metcalfe – Script Producer
  37. Alison Philpott – Makeup Supervisor
  38. Jane Hudson – Series Producer
  39. Gillian Slight – Head of Design
  40. Chloe Hardey – Art Department Assistant
  41. Kayleigh Hawley – 3rd Assistant Director
  42. Amelia Flanagan – Actor
  43. Sophie Stocks – Assistant Production Scheduler
  44. Vanessa Summer – Makeup Trainee
  45. Christina Leonard – Camera Assistant
  46. Eva Lake – Storyliner
  47. Zoe Vickers – Makeup Design Assistant
  48. Charlotte Bellamy – Actor
  49. Zoe Henry – Actor
  50. Sandra Marvin – Actor
  51. Jude Hirst – Principal Costume Dresser.
  52. Amy Brammall – Photographer
  53. Lucy Pargeter – Actor

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