Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle takes a break to be Scrooge!

Emmerdale actress Sally Dexter has confirmed that she is leaving the Dales and her role as Faith Dingle for a while to star in a play but swears she’ll be back.

Emmerdale News: Sally Dexter to take break from Faith Dingle role

Actress Sally Dexter, best known as Emmerdale whirlwind Faith Dingle, will be taking a break from the Yorkshire soap to take on a new theatrical role.

Speaking to the press at the Inside Soap Awards, Emmerdale actress Sally Dexter said: “Well, there’s a lot of fallout from the Moira, Cain, Nate debacle, I am probably going to be collateral. It’s going to be an explosive October. I may have to leave for a little while.”

When asked whether she would return, Sally added: “You’ll have to watch the show. I ain’t gonna say nothing! How could I stay away from my fabulous Dingle family for too long? We shall see how it goes. It’s been a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

During the break from the Dales, Sally is taking on the role of London’s first female Scrooge, a part of a change that has “swept aside” traditional ideas of who plays which roles.

The actress will play the miser’s sister in a new version of A Christmas Carol written by children’s author Piers Torday. It will be performed at Wilton’s Music Hall in east London from November.

Emmerdale News: Sally Dexter to take break from Faith Dingle role
Sally Dexter will star in Scrooged

In the new version, Ebenezer Scrooge died at a young age and his sister Fan married Jacob Marley. After his death, she inherited the money-lending business, becoming the notorious miser of Dickens’s tale.

There has been a huge increase in gender-blind casting in recent years, with actresses taking on roles that were previously off limits. Glenda Jackson played King Lear at the Old Vic and Rosalie Craig turned Company’s man-about-town Bobby into a female Bobbie.

Sally said: “The blinds and the curtains have been swept aside and there’s a lot more light being let in to all sorts of things and that’s brilliant because it allows more people to feel included in what sometimes may have felt a very enclosed, privileged world.

“Though there is a fair bit of ranting by me, but Piers has just got that humour into it, it’s funny and it’s dry. There is everything to be gained by expanding it and that’s what this does. It absolutely covers the same ground that is covered ordinarily, if I can use that word, but it goes much further and it does it with wit.”

The feisty fan favourite also teased that Faith would be involved in the revelation of Nate Robinson’s secret identity. Sally said: “Yes we are going to find out who Nate really is but my lips are sealed.”

Fans have been convinced Nate is Cain’s secret son after he arrived in the village and targeted Cain by seducing his wife and trying to get his son Kyle taken away. Sally also teased how the explosive reveal comes after Faith thinks she has rumbled Moira’s affair with Nate – but with deadly consequences.

Despite Sally’s exit being temporary, it is the latest in what seems to be a long list of departures which includes Ryan Hawley as Robert Sugden, Anthony Quinlan as Pete Barton, Samantha Giles as Bernice Blackstock, and Gaynor Faye at Megan Macey.

Christmas Carol — A Fairy Tale runs at Wilton’s Music Hall from November 29 to January 4. Book tickets here

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