Former Emmerdale star Sally Dexter takes on a charity challenge for the NHS and teases a return to the Dales for the much missed Faith Dingle

Sally Dexter as Faith Dingle in Emmerdale
Sally Dexter as Faith Dingle in Emmerdale

Emmerdale icon Sally Dexter is taking on an incredibly important mission along with many others to fundraise for the NHS and ICU staff who have saved so many lives during the COVID-19 pandemic – and has admitted that training for the event hasn’t been traditional due to the lockdown.

Best known for playing Faith Dingle in the soap, Sally is taking on a 10k bike challenge – and you can help the cause by donating. Her only dilemma is what to wear – as she joked to that she is considering going full Faith Dingle! Watch those heels, Sally!

She told in an exclusive chat: ‘I was inspired by my niece Katy- who’s been a qualified nurse for over four years now. She volunteered to join the ICU at The Royal Berks Hospital when corona kicked off  – we’re all so proud of her!

‘I’ll be doing the 10K on me bike – from Vauxhall Bridge to Richmond Bridge. It’s slightly nerve wracking as it’s been a while since I’ve done a longish distance like that!

‘I’ve been trying to prepare by strutting my stuff to rock and roll and anything else on my iTunes list for about 30mins a day, plus joining Joe Wicks and family for his morning P. E sesh! With a bit of yoga to get my breath back…

‘It’s to raise funds for all the staff up and down the land for our ICUs but it came about to mark the end of a year’s cancer treatment for Jess Sykes, one of the top literary agents for ITG!

‘I don’t thinks she expected so many people to join in- but after the story line I had in Emmerdale- I couldn’t resist! Wish us luck or even better- donate if you can!’

You can donate via the JustGiving page set up for the challenge here.

Meanwhile, Sally has shared that she feels she has been socialising more than ever since lockdown but can’t wait to return to work – and that includes revisiting Faith, thank goodness!

She smiled: ‘I’ve spent more time on the phone and Zoom and all that computer contact stuff than I can remember doing before so it doesn’t seem like social isolation at all! It’s strange to be so physically distant though.

‘I couldn’t say I have a regular routine other than the exercise – and watching Star Trek (the original) at 6 pm- oooh I know how to live! But I feel like I’m quite busy! I love poetry- and have learnt the odd verse to keep the brain cells a-ticking!’

She added with great enthusiasm: ‘I can’t wait to start work again! And of course I hope Emmerdale and I cross paths again- my mum would never forgive me if it didn’t!’

That said, Sally is also extremely fond of stage work and has spoken out of the importance of protecting the arts during a time when the theatre industry is at such high risk.

She told us: ‘I really think the Arts have all got a vital role to play in how we sort all this out in our heads and hearts. Everyone’s been through an extraordinary time – there’s a lot for us all to share.

‘And it’s really important for us to celebrate life- for those that are gone because of this awful virus- and those of us that are still here- to share, celebrate and cherish it, that’s what it’s all about.’

Source: Newsletter