Emmerdale bad boy Ross Barton maybe in the frame as a suspect in the Dales’s latest whodunnit, with police investigating who killed his mother. But actor Michael Parr seems to think his character has ‘lost his edge’ and is looking forward to Ross getting his menacing mojo back!

Ross Barton played by Michael Parr
Ross Barton played by Michael

We know that within minutes of Emma Barton falling to her death from the Viaduct, her son Ross appeared on the scene but whether he was doing the pushing and shoving is another matter. However, when Ross burnt some of his mother’s belongings that were in her possession on the day she died, it didn’t leave him looking squeaky clean. And actor Michael Parr is all for that!

“Two years ago I was shooting people without a guilty conscience, but now I can’t fight somebody in a pub without getting beaten up!” the actor explained at a recent press event.

“I’m in my fourth year now – I had two years when I felt I was in every episode and in the last two, I feel like Ross has kind of lost his way a bit. The character isn’t what he was, so I’d like to strip it back to what he was originally and this story is the perfect set-up for him to go old school.

“I hope that we can find the old Ross again out of this, but I don’t know too far ahead.”

Times are definitely changing for the Bartons in Emmerdale with John, Emma and Finn all meeting their makers, and Adam set to leave the village in the new year. It can’t have been easy to say goodbye to those he worked closest with, especially Joe Gill.

“It’s not been the easiest,” Michael adds. “I came in with Joe and Anthony Quinlan and we were the three musketeers. It’s really sad to see him go, but I’m excited to see what he does – he’s a young, handsome and talented kid. It’s bittersweet – I’d love to keep working with him every day but sometimes people have to get out there and live their dreams. He’s a young lad with ambitions and I’m just happy for him to get out there and achieve what he wants to.”

Old school Ross was always up to mischief and had an eye for the ladies so maybe it was his ill-fated relationship with Debbie Dingle that zapped all the ‘Ross’ out of him. ‘Dross’ as the pair are named by fans never had the same spark as his relationship with Donna Windsor-Dingle. So has the ship with Debbie finally sailed?

“I think it’s been a little bit spoilt now, as there’s so much water under the bridge,” Michael Parr laments. “Plus she just pies him at every opportunity when somebody new and better looking comes into the show! So I’d personally like Ross to get into something with someone else and have a bit of a fresh start.

“Maybe my vision is clouded because Charley Webb and I have had so many stories and there is definitely a spark to them, so never say never. But now we have young, handsome Ned Porteous in the show – it’s a chance for them to explore a whole new thing.

“But who hasn’t Ross been with? I’ve slept with my ex girlfriend’s mum, Rebecca, Debbie, Victoria – it’s kind of thin on the ground! I don’t know if anybody new is coming into the show, but it would be good for him to have a fresh start with somebody.”


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