Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden Jailed!!

It was a sad day for Robron fans as actor Ryan Hawley’s final Emmerdale scenes aired with Robert Sugden facing a life sentence of 14 years behind bars in a prison of the Isle of Wight!

Emmerdale News: Robert Sugden imprisoned as Ryan Hawley's final scenes air
Robert Sugden jailed as Ryan Hawley departs

In heartbreaking scenes, Robert Sugden said an emotional goodbye to Emmerdale and husband Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller), who was unaware that this would be the last time he’d see Robert as he couldn’t bring himself to tell Aaron he was being transferred to another prison.

As tearful Robert went back to his cell, a beautiful montage of Robron’s most romantic moments played marking the end of Ryan Hawley’s five year stint in Emmerdale and leaving a legion of fans devastated.

Emmerdale then posted an exclusive interview with Ryan, who said: “It’s been quite amazing to think of the scope of everything. I was absolutely desperate not to mess it up – there were huge expectations because the character was so huge so I just came in and did what I could. I didn’t want to let anyone down. There was a lot of jeopardy at the start – and that ultimately led to Katie’s death which is where things took a turn. Did he kill Katie? A lot of people probably wanted him to face justice!

“The relationship with Andy was quite difficult. What I found interesting was that Robert viewed him as this imposter who had taken all of the love of his parents. He was celebrated for having traditional values even though he wasn’t biologically part of the family. It reminded me of things like The Lion King or Hamlet.

“He cares about all of his family – he will do anything to protect and defend them. Certainly one of the biggest shifts was the kiss between him and Aaron. This sparked off the rest of my time here, pretty much. One of the luckiest things I have had to be involved in was the underwater stuff at Pinewood – being in a car that was submerged and then having to swim out. That was so much fun. It was a great memory and valuable in storytelling – the moment Robert proposed to Aaron.

“It’s sad that we won’t get to see Robert be a father to Seb – it was another nice side to the character which I guess we won’t get to see. Now he’s going to prison for a life sentence for enacting rvenege on someone who was a horrible guy.

Emmerdale News: Robert Sugden imprisoned as Ryan Hawley's final scenes air
Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle’s final scenes together

“The scenes where he was ultimately saying goodbye to Aaron was so well written. It kind of felt the right way to wrap up my journey or my time as Robert. Emmerdale is so important to so many people. I remember as a kid at my nan’s house, they’d be glued to it. Every night – these shows are massive parts of their lives. Sadly they didn’t ever get to see it as they passed away before I came on but I just never wanted to let anyone down so just gave it all that I had really. ‘It’s been an emotional journey – and very sad to leave. I’ve learnt so much and feel so much richer for having been here. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me.”

Ryan’s onscreen partner Danny Miller posted on Twitter: “What a pleasure the last 5 years has been. An incredible actor & a beautiful man. To share the laughs, the screen & an iconic soap partnership with you has been nothing other than an honour brother! Aaron lost his husband. I lose a good friend. Farewell for now, my man.”

This week, viewers will see Aaron find out that Robert has been transferred before receiving a mysterious letter that devastates him judging the preview on ITV’s Emmerdale website.

Official spoilers reveal that Aaron and Victoria Barton discover that Robert is blocking all visits at the new prison, wanting his loved ones to move on with their lives. Aaron, who has only just been keeping it together, spirals and is set to face tough challenges in the months ahead as he comes to terms with a future without the love of his life.

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