After the success of Emmerdale 1918, a new fictional book series, inspired by the documentary, is now on sale with the first book Christmas at Emmerdale

Emmerdale News: New book Christmas at Emmerdale on sale
New book series Christmas at Emmerdale

Christmas At Emmerdale is the first in a sweeping new saga series, exploring the lives of Emmerdale’s much-loved families during the run up to the Great War, created to tie into the six-part documentary series Emmerdale 1918. It is the perfect Christmas gift for fans of the long running soap, as well as those who like historical fiction and sagas.

The story is set in August 1914, and a terrible war begins, one that will affect the lives of everyone in the village of Beckindale. For Maggie Sugden, left to run Emmerdale Farm on her own while her husband, Joe, is at the front, it will bring grief and loss but also independence and the chance to find a place to belong – and perhaps even to love again.

Emmerdale News: New book Christmas at Emmerdale on sale
Emmerdale 1918 featured Charlotte Bellamy, John Middleton, Bhasker Patel, Mark Charnock, Natalie J Robb, and Zoe Henry.

Author Pamela Bell began writing over 30 years ago to fund a PhD on waste disposal in Tudor York and has juggled fact and fiction ever since. As Jessica Hart or Pamela Hartshorne, she has written over 70 books, including novels and non-fiction, across a wide range of subjects, from importing cars to royal palaces and from category romance to historical fiction. Pam lives in York and continues to be fascinated by the relationship between the past and the present, whatever she happens to be writing.

She must be fascinated given that she wasn’t an Emmerdale viewer prior to putting pen to paper. Pamela told The Emmerdaily: “I have to confess that I hadn’t watched Emmerdale before writing the book – but I feel very attached to it now!:

So which came first – the TV series Emmerdale 1918 or the idea for the book? “A TV drama documentary to tie in with that series came first, followed by the books,” explains Pamela. “My plot is based on an outline idea for the drama, adjusted to fit in with the established Emmerdale history. It was quite tricky at times to tie it all together!”

Christmas at Emmerdale is the first in the series of books with the next book following in 2019. Pamela adds: “The second book follows the same characters featured in the first.   Christmas at Emmerdale is set at the beginning of World War 1, while the second book, Spring Comes to Emmerdale, picks up their stories in January 1918 and takes them through the end of the war and up to the birth of Jed Dingle in 1921, showing just how much life in Beckindale changed as a result of the war. The cover and title will emphasise the optimism of spring after the long years of war.”

Buy your copy of Christmas at Emmerdale, with the hardcover edition priced on Amazon at just £9.35 or £6.99 for the Kindle edition, here



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