Ex Emmerdale Star wins Strictly!!

Former Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher has won BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, lifting the glitter ball with professional partner Oti Mabuse.

Emmerdale News: Kelvin Fletcher wins BBC Strictly Come Dancing
Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse win Strictly Come Dancing

Best known as Emmerdale’s Andy Sugden, actor Kelvin Fletcher was a last minute addition to BBC Strictly Come Dancing, after Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing was injured. He stepped in to partner Oti Mabuse and created a powerful pairing taking the  dance floor by storm with a sexy samba in week one.

The couple never stopped wowing fans throughout the 13-week series, finally lifting the glitterball trophy with Oti in front of 11 million viewers on Saturday night.

Kelvin, who joined Emmerdale as Andy Sugden at the age of 10 and remained for two decades, told the BBC News that he was keen for Strictly to let people see him “in a different light”.

His competitive streak is also clear from his parallel career as a motor racing driver, which saw him win this year’s British GT4 ProAM championship (ahead of Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, among others).

Before the racing season starts again, he will take part in the Strictly arena tour in January and February.

But it’s clear that acting is his first love. “That’s where my dreams still lie,” he told the BBC News.

Emmerdale News: Kelvin Fletcher wins BBC Strictly Come Dancing
Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse in Strictly Come Dancing

“It couldn’t have been any more of a curveball than it was,” Kelvin explains. “I’d just finished my first feature film at the end of July and I knew I had a few days left on that to do. Then I was going to go into my first pantomime, and that was my few months of work. Unfortunately I had to pull out of the panto.

“I never did this show with an expectation that something would happen. To do the show in itself is a huge privilege. I was very eager for people to see me, who I am, because not many people have seen that. They’ve seen me play a character for so long.

“And if things come on the back of this then then amazing. But that wasn’t the reason why I did the show. First and foremost I wanted to do the show to learn to dance, get spray tanned every week, get a different costume every week, get sequins put onto you. It’s been an amazing experience.

“But absolutely I am an actor and that’s where my dreams still lie. British drama at the minute is probably some of the best it’s ever been. So I very much I want to be a part of that, and that’s hopefully now where my journey will continue.

“I’m a massive musical theatre fan. Growing up, I went to the theatre an awful lot to watch musicals and never did I think that I would get the chance to participate in the West End. Can you imagine how incredible that would be?

“So I’d love to do West End. But it’s something that would feel quite alien to me because the elements of dancing and singing would feel quite new. I wouldn’t say no to anything at the minute.”

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