Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye Quits!

Emmerdale star Gaynor Faye has quit her role as Megan Macey after seven years on the Yorkshire soap according to OK Magazine

Emmerdale Spoilers: Gaynor Faye quits role as Emmerdale's Megan Macey

Actress Gaynor Faye has decided to leave her role as Emmerdale’s Megan Macey  as she wanted to take herself out of her ‘comfort zone’.

Gaynor’s shock exit comes as she recently hinted that her character could end up in jail following the recent car crash involving Eric Pollard and Jamie Tate.

The star, who joined the soap in 2012, opened up to OK! magazine about her decision to quit. She said: “I know it’s a risk but I need to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t want to stay playing the same character for too long. I’ve been on the show for over six years and have naturally reached a point where I’d like to do some other stuff.”

The news comes after Gaynor recently hinted that her character could be facing trouble amid the recent car crash which saw Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) end up in a coma after being knocked down.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Gaynor Faye quits role as Emmerdale's Megan Macey
Gaynor Faye in exclusive OK Magazine shoot

Earlier this month, Megan had been texting partner Frank Clayton (Michael Praed) while driving, resulting in her slamming into the back of newcomer Jamie’s car.

The incident caused him to ram into Eric, with Jamie getting the blame for the accident – while Megan stood by and said nothing.

But with the guilt eating away at her, Megan decided to hand herself on to the police and confess to her part in the accident – an action that could potentially lead to dire consequences.

Speaking in a recent interview, she said: “If Megan goes to prison, I don’t think it’d be a great place for her. I think she’d definitely get into a lot of trouble in prison. But that could be a good thing – it’d be great to play! We have got a little prison set because so many people go to prison on this show!”

Although her exit storyline hasn’t yet been revealed, Megan’s prison spell could conveniently pave the way for Gaynor’s departure from the soap.

The character is also set for further turmoil ahead of her exit as she’s set to be embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband Jai Sharma.

The sweet factory boss, played by Chris Bisson, hits the roof when he learns that Megan was to blame for the accident and that she had been dangerous behind the wheel while driving their little daughter Eliza.

The revelation leads to a tense confrontation in which he tells his ex that he can’t trust her with their daughter and will be applying for custody.

Speaking about her plans after Emmerdale, Gaynor revealed she’d love to do some travelling with her 18 year old son. “My son is just about to finish school and will probably be going to university soon and we want to do some travelling together before he leaves. I doubt we’ll be backpacking but my family and I just want to get out there and see some of the world together before he gets too busy.”

Read the full interview in this week’s OK! magazine, out nationwide on Tuesday. See how Megan and Gaynor’s exit unravels in Emmerdale on ITV.

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