Emmerdale aired an emotional exit tonight (Fri 2nd Nov) for Ross Barton and Rebecca White as actors Michael Parr and Emily Head departed the Dales – without either character going on the run!

Emmerdale News: Ross Barton and Rebecca White depart the Dales
Ross Barton and Rebecca White leave Emmerdale

In a change to the now usual departure of death or a life on the run (usually starting in France), Emmerdale said goodbye to Ross Barton and girlfriend Rebecca White, as they went to start a new life in Liverpool, and to actors Michael Parr and Emily Head.

After deciding to go to Liverpool on his own, Ross Barton did a ‘lap of honour’ round the village as he said goodbye to those who his storylines had linked with over the past five years, including Laurel Thomas who was the victim of a carjacking by Ross back when he first appeared in 2013.

He also had a poignant scene with April Windsor-Dingle, the daughter of his late girlfriend Donna Windsor Dingle, and one last flirt with Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb). His final scenes were with Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan) and Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb).

Emmerdale News: Ross Barton and Rebecca White depart the Dales
Robert Sugden watches as Rebecca leaves with his son Seb

As Ross went to get in a taxi to leave the village, Rebecca showed up in her new car fitted with a car seat occupied by her son Seb, after Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) decided to let her have custody.

Clearly distraught at losing his son, Robert returned to Mill Cottage to tell his husband Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) what he had done. Aaron ran out to catch them but didn’t get to say goodbye to his stepson.

On his departure, Michael Parr took to Twitter and said: “Cheerio Ross!!! Its been a pleasure. The last five years have been the best in my life. I’ll never forget working with such a brilliant team. To everyone involved thank you from bottom of my heart. LOVE x”

Meanwhile his co-star and fellow departee Emily Head said in a video on Emmerdale’s social media accounts: “Its been incredible the last two years. I’ve really, really enjoyed my time and its weird to be saying goodbye but all I’ve ever wanted for Rebecca White was a happy ending and she got one in the end!”

So why Rebecca and Ross head off into the sunset, what does this mean for newlyweds Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden? Stay tuned to find out…


  1. Au revoir! A nice simple realistic departure. Seb is better off without Robert & as for Aaron , well he’ll survive but what heartache comes next?


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