Emmerdale News: Emmerdale said goodbye to Lisa Dingle tonight as she left her husband Zak and the rest of the Dingles to take a new job in Scotland.

Emmerdale News: Lisa Dingle leaves Emmerdale... for now.
Mon 7 May 2018: Zak and Lisa Dingle are unable to avoid the inevitable conversation.

Despite assuring Zak (Steve Halliwell) that she loved him and would be back, Lisa Dingle, played since 1996 by the wonderful Jane Cox, decided it would be better for her health for her to leave Emmerdale for now.

After bringing Belle (Eden Taylor Draper) home from the Mental Heath facility after her relapse, Lisa and Zak sat down to talk things through their problems. Lisa assured Zak she still loved him but felt she had to put her health first.

Pleading Zak told her he had never felt so lonely without her and promised to do everything he could to lessen the stress she felt at home. An emotional Lisa explained that she wasn’t ready to come home but promised that she wouldn’t be away forever.

She revealed she had taken on a job in Scotland working with a Young Offenders Unit, inspired by Liv Flaherty, which would allow her to work with troubled youths and teach them mechanics and building work, which Zak agreed she would be brilliant at. They clung to each other as they said a heartbreaking goodbye.

And given within a few minutes of the episode ending, Emmerdale posted an exclusive video with the caption: ‘What happens when your greatest support is no longer there? Jane Cox takes us through Lisa Dingle’s exit,’ confirming Lisa would be gone for more than a few weeks.

In the video, Jane teases: “This is the last scene I’ll be filming as Lisa Dingle for a while. Filming these scenes with Steve (Halliwell) is so hard because we’ve worked together such a long time and we haven’t had very much time apart as Dingles. I don’t like being apart from Steve, he’s my dear friend.

“Lisa has been the backbone of the Dingle family and now it gives them a chance now to see how much they might miss her and what they need to do, they’ve got to stand on their own two feet and Zak’s got to stand on his own two feet and realise what he’s missing in her I think.

“There may be a bit of time away, lots of things may happen, but it won’t be the last you see of Lisa Dingle. She will be back, don’t worry.”

Watch the Emmerdale video on the exit of Lisa Dingle here