Emmerdale lost one of its finest tonight as after nine years, Adam Barton set sail for a life on the run after being busted out of custody on the way to his hearing. Actor Adam Thomas was given a stunning hour-long episode to say a brilliant goodbye to the Dales after announcing his exit last year.

Adam Barton sets sail for a life on the run as Adam Thomas exits.

Written by Maxine Alderton, the episode started with Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) getting ready for a court appearance. Locked in a prison van with crook Syd Macfarlane (anyone pick up on the surname – Aaron used to work for the Macfarlane’s as a kid), Adam has been told to expect a sentence of between six to ten years and sits contemplating his fate when the truck is hit on route to the court.

Prisoner Syd Macfarlane escapes with Adam

A masked man enters the truck, opens the door to Adam’s cell but then frees Syd. Adam climbs out of the truck to find the guards face down and a masked man beckoning him – his best mate Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller).

With Moira Dingle, hell bent on convincing the police that she did indeed kill Emma Barton, and Adam’s half brothers Ross and Pete at the court, word soon reaches them that Adam has escaped.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Adam have met up with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) who has planned the whole thing, with Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) providing evidence as alibis for them both. Adam is to leave on a container ship for Amsterdam but not before he swipes a phone to call his wife Victoria (Isabel Hogkins) and a voicemail for his mum Moira (Natalie J Robb).

Adam says an emotional goodbye

As they reach the docks for an emotional goodbye (was uncontrollably sobbing when Cain called him son and then the final ‘Bartsy’ moment happened) Victoria arrives to convince him to stay but Adam doesn’t reveal his innocence knowing this is the only way both him and his mum get to be free.

We see Adam hiding in the container, heading across the water, as his voicemail to Moira is played, along with the saddened faces of those he’s left behind. Its a stunning episode and the perfect exit for a great character.

After the episode aired, with Emmerdale fans raving, Adam Thomas took to Twitter to express his gratitude, saying: “You guys are amazing, thank you for all your love and support. It means so much… What an episode to leave on! Loved every minute of that. @Emmerdale always delivers x”

No sooner had the episode ended then the moment we had all been waiting for since the pictures from Adam Thomas’ leaving party had been revealed – his exit video!

A spoof video saying the part of Adam Barton had been recast featuring Danny Miller, Isabel Hodgins, Natalie J Robb and a brilliant cameo from Kelvin Fletcher aka Andy Sugden was launched and its hilarious – especially when the new actor is unveiled to be Adam Thomas’ twin brother Scott Thomas!


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