Emmerdale’s Amy Wyatt Soap Interview!

Emmerdale newcomer Natalie Ann Jamieson, who has taken over the role of Amy Wyatt got a grilling from Inside Soap magazine readers. Find out what she had to say…

Emmerdale News: Q&A with Natalie Ann Jamieson aka Amy Wyatt
Natalie Ann Jamieson aka Amy Wyatt in Emmerdale

Taking over an established character and making it your own is not easy but Natalie Ann Jamieson seems to be handling herself and playing Amy Wyatt with ease. So when Inside Soap magazine got the chance to interview Natalie Ann, they asked the readers to send in their questions. Find out what the Geordie actress had to say…

Who showed you the ropes during your first day at Emmerdale?
Laura (Norton, who plays her screen mum, Kerry Wyatt). I had been in touch with Laura quite a bit prior ro starting anyway. I did my screen test with Laura, and I previously knew her from Newcastle a little bit. So it was very much Laura who helped me with everything.

Is it true that you and Laura Norton actually knew each other from years ago?
Yes, we did! We both went to the same youth theatre, and when I was there I actually performed a play that Laura had written, which was amazing. We also have the same agent. So when I was auditioning for Amy, it was really lovely to have somebody there who I already knew. It just makes it a lot more relaxed.

Have you had the chance to meet Chelsea Halfpenny, who played the role of Amy before you did?
I’ve not met Chelsea, actually. I’m sure our paths will cross at some point, because we have a few mutual friends. She was recently working on Casualty with a really good friend of mine, Maddy Hill (aka Ruby), who I was at drama school with. Chelsea did write a lovely message to me on Twitter, so she’s very nice.

What’s the best Emmerdale night out you’ve been on so far?
I was really lucky because when I came into the show, we were straight to Belfast to film.  We stayed there for a week, and all the cast and crew went out quite a lot while we were there. It was brilliant for me because it meant I got to know people a lot quicker. We had one really fun night out – I have a video of our director doing the best dance routine!

Who in Emmerdale would you like to have more scenes with?
Olivia Bromley, who plays Dawn Taylor. I really like Olivia, and I’m going to start working with her a little bit soon, which will be nice. I think Dawn and Amy have quite similar pasts, in terms of them both having children who they would like more contact with. So I think they will be good friends.

What’s it like to play mum to a seven-year-old, and is he well behaved on set?
He’s very well behaved – he’s brilliant! I really enjoy working with Huey (Quinn, who plays Kyle Dingle) – he’s got loads of jokes, which are fantastic! He’s so curious about everything that’s going on in the studio, and the character’s journeys. He watches it all on TV, so he’ll say to somebody, “I saw you on telly last night – why were you doing that?” It’s really nice to work with him, because he just has a genuine interest in everything that goes on. It’s lovely.

I saw that you have a fantasy football team. Are you a big footie fan? Which team do you support?
I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that I support Newcastle!  When I was little, I pretty much spent my life wearing the kit – I got all of the new strips that came out.  Most people would just wear the football tops, but I would wear the top, the shorts, and the socks!  I don’t get to go to as many games as I would like, but I watch it a lot on the telly. There’s an Emmerdale fantasy football league apparently, so I’m going to join that one soon.

If you could film anywhere in the world, where would it be?
We were talking about this the other day.  I was working with Natalie J Robb (aka Moira Dingle), and we were saying it would be great to do ‘Moira in Marbs’! Maybe she has run away with the kids to Spain, and Amy has to chase her down. We were also saying we’d love to do something for charity where we go on a trip and the bus breaks down, and we find ourselves in the Rovers Return. That would be fun.

What do you think of Amy’s wardrobe, and would you wear her clothes in real life?
I love Amy’s wardrobe, she has got the best shoes!  I have lots of similar things to Amy, but I just wear them differently to her.  I’d say Amy has more colour in her wardrobe than I do – it’s so easy to pick up something black, isn’t it?  She’s more fun than me in that sense.

Were you an Emmerdale fan before you joined the show?
Yeah, and I have lots of Emmerdale fans in the family as well.  It was so exciting to tell them that I was going into the show, because they have years and year’s worth of Emmerdale knowledge.  I used to watch it with my grandma, she loves it.  Eric Pollard was my favourite character, so I love working with Chris (Chittell, who plays him)!

If you could cast any celebrity to have a cameo in Emmerdale, who would it be?
I think Jodie Comer is amazing!  I’d love to work with her so it would be great if she could come into Emmerdale.  She plays the villain very well, but her character in Killing Eve is so complex – she’s one of those baddies that everyone loves.  Soaps do those characters really well, too.

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