Emmerdale’s Ross Barton is being set up for a huge new storyline in the New Year according to actor Michael Parr. Seems the soap bosses were listening when Michael said his character has ‘lost his edge’ and are lining up a big story for 2018 which is currently being researched.

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Ross Barton is to get a new Emmerdale storyline

Ross Barton is currently one of seven suspects in the investigation to discover who killed Emma Barton, which has brought him back to the forefront of the show.

Talking to Inside Soap’s Yearbook 2018, Michael has teased big plans for Ross next year, which sounds like a separate storyline from his mother’s murder

“Ross has a big story coming his way in the new year, but I’m not allowed to tell you anything about it,” Michael explained.

“It’s a big subject that we’re going to be tackling and I’ll have to do a lot of research for it, which really excites me. It takes me back to my days of studying at drama school!”

Does this mean Ross isn’t the one who pushed Emma off the top of the viaduct – Michael’s not giving anything away!

He laughed: “I’ve been in this situation before – Ross hung Pete off that exact same viaduct. It’s a family tradition! Plus he shot Robert, and at the time we didn’t know how that would pan out and whether he would die.
“So if it does turn out to be Ross, then hopefully it will bring back that edge he used to have.”

What pleased The Emmerdaily most about this is that Ross Barton is sticking around. Before being a suspect in Emma’s murder, things had been pretty quiet apart from the odd dose of ‘Dross’ – that’s Debbie Dingle and Ross – and we are keen to see Michael stretch his acting chops and give us some of those spine tingling moments we enjoyed during his ill-fated romance with Donna Windsor-Dingle.

Plus Series Producer Iain MacLeod did say an issue-lead story was coming to the Dales which would explain all the research. And we cannot wait!


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