Emmerdale Top Divorce Capital?

Emmerdale has been named the soap world’s divorce capital in a new report from Tombola. It was also revealed that 68% of marriages are likely to fail in the Yorkshire village.

Emmerdale News: Emmerdale named as soap world’s divorce capital
Emmerdale has highest divorce rate

Former Emmerdale sponsor Tombola has delved into some of the world’s most successful soap operas to discover the best place for love – with Emmerdale being found to be one of the worst!

A heavy-hearted 61% of couples have ended up in the divorce courts in the 46 years of Emmerdale. A divorce happens on average every 189 episodes, making it the divorce capital of soap world.

The Yorkshire village might seem quaint, but Emmerdale has the highest rate of failure for marriages at 68%. Out of all the marriages that fail, 7% end in annulment, dissolvement or invalidity. But this is nothing compared to 13% in Coronation Street. The reason for these invalid marriages is mostly because one of the couple are already wed! Bigamy is rife in soap land.

Emmerdale News: Emmerdale named as soap world’s divorce capital
Tombola names Emmerdale as soap world’s divorce capital

Although Coronation Street has the most successful marriages, it also has the most episodes, so to find out the luckiest soap for love, Tombola worked out the percentage of successful marriages per soap over their entire on-air history. Neighbours came out on top, with 63% of marriages a success.

But what of the couples whose romantic lives make headlines? While the most popular relationships catch our attention for the ups and downs, those are not necessarily the most successful marriages.

The most successful marriages have lasted longer and only been parted by death and here are the top ten:

Emmerdale News: Emmerdale named as soap world’s divorce capital
The top 10 most successful marriages in soaps

But not all of TV’s favourite couples last the distance. The average marriage on Hollyoaks is just one year, though many last mere weeks or months. Your best chance for a longer marriage is in Neighbours, where the average is seven years.

Some 63% of Aussie soaps have successful marriages, with the average lasting seven years in Neighbours. Across its 33-year history, no other wedding has pulled in more viewers than Scott and Charlene.

The wedding of teenage sweethearts Scott and Charlene, who went on to become pop idols Kylie and Jason captivated the British public. The episode of neighbours, aired in the UK in 1988 was the third most-watched programme of the year, attracting nearly 20 million viewers over 2 screenings. Most TV shows today would struggle to reach those viewing numbers. To put it in perspective, the only programme to beat that in 2018 was the World Cup England V Croatia semi-final, with over 20 million watching.

Ramsay Street also has the lowest divorce rate of the soaps at just 35% making it the best place for a romance that lasts.

Emmerdale currently has only four married couples residing in the village – Jimmy and Nicola King are the longest married (despite numerous break ups), with Cain and Moira Dingle, who also nearly divorced but reconciled at the last minute, next. Both Aaron and Robert Sugden-Dingle and Jessie and Marlon Dingle tying the knot in 2018.

Emmerdale News: Emmerdale named as soap world’s divorce capital
Tombola – Luckiest Soap for Love

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