Emmerdale’s James Tate returns!!

James Tate is set to return to Emmerdale after 20 years as actor Alexander Lincoln makes his TV debut.

Emmerdale News: Emmerdale cast Alexander Lincoln as James Tate
Emmerdale cast Alexander Lincoln as James Tate

Kim Tate’s estranged son James Tate will arrive back in Emmerdale after 20 years away later this month as a hunky vet, played by TV newcomer Alexander Lincoln.

James was last seen in the village in 1999 as a toddler as his mum carried him into a helicopter after attempting to kill Chris Tate and steal all his money.

Viewers saw a different side of Kim (Claire King) last week when Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) teased James’ whereabouts. The estranged mother agreed to all of Graham’s terms proving she does have a heart hidden under her hard exterior.

Having refused contact with his mother, James has no idea that his mother has been released from prison and back living in Emmerdale.

Speaking to Digital Spy at an Emmerdale press event, Alexander said: “Jamie is currently in his last year of vets school and he is estranged from his mum. He is more innocent and naive than Kim, and he doesn’t want anything to do with her at first. You’ll see that he stands his ground with Kim.

“Jamie knows how she manipulates things, but he hasn’t been in the village and doesn’t know everything that’s been going on.”

James – we refuse to call him Jamie, he is a Tate after all – arrives in Emmerdale to accept a job at the Emmerdale vets.

Our alarm bells are already ringing given that the vets is struggling – and Rhona collapses while working at Home Farm. Anyone else adding two plus two…

“At this point he thinks Kim is still in prison, but then finds out that she’s not,” Alexander explains. “Jamie is very easily manipulated by her, so he is brought back into the fold even though he doesn’t want to be. She is his mum – and even when you’re estranged from someone, you still want to have that relationship.

“Under the circumstances, it’s pure shock and a bit of frustration as he wanted to start a new life. Admittedly that was back in the village, but he wanted to stay away from Kim’s ways.”

While James is nothing like Kim according to Alexander, and there’s no love lost with Kim’s right-hand-man Graham, but will there be a love interest…

“At this point, you will have to wait and see whether he gets a love interest,” Alexander tells Digital Spy. “A couple of ladies take a shine to him. But Jamie is not in that mindset when he arrives – he’s just trying to focus on working at the vets and winning people over. He’s not thinking about getting involved with someone.”

Given most romances start in the workplace and James is 23-years-old and working in the vets, our money is on Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) catching his eye. Given Kim’s volatile relationship with the Dingles, that would probably be the romance to cause the most mischief in the village.

Read Digital Spy’s full interview with Alexander Lincoln who plays James Tate here


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