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Emmerdale soap bitch Kim Tate returns played by Claire King

October! The month of spooky goings-on, pumpkins and a change in the weather – and notoriously, a big month in the soap world. It was certainly a big month for the villagers of Emmerdale.

The first week of October saw the full spectrum from tragedy to pure happiness as Chas and Paddy lost their daughter Grace, but also saw the long-awaited Robron wedding.

Grace’s death took a slightly experimental and divisive turn in the scenes after her birth, but the storyline continues to explore sides of grief that resonate with many parents and especially those who have lost a little loved one. There have been some particularly heart-breaking moments in the story, including Faith Dingle’s support of Chas Dingle, and the aftermath for the parents themselves. Lucy Pargeter (Chas) and Dominic Brunt (Paddy Kirk) have delivered some very tough material over the months and their believable performances have perhaps been at their best when Chas and Paddy have been doing their best to be brave and strong.

Aaron and Robert got married in Emmerdale

There was a brief reprieve from the sadness though, as Chas and Paddy watched son Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) marry Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) in front of cheering friends and family. Though it might have been fans who were making the biggest noise of all – after all this wedding has been years in the making!

The wedding itself was a rare event – a happy occasion! For the loved-up grooms, despite an upset Victoria (Isabel Hodgins), the day was perfect and for us at home, it was a satisfying dose of romance to reward a pretty traumatic year for the characters. Everything from the speeches, the music, the script and the décor meant it was a beautiful occasion and at times, it was like getting front row seats to a real wedding!

Hearts have also been a flutter for Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) this month as she fell for dishy Doctor Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) and ended up cheating on Daz Spencer (Mark Jordon) with him. Dithering Bernice managed to string out the dumping for the whole month, but she finally dumped Daz, albeit in front of all their friends. Awkward! Bernice and Liam are such a good match and I’m loving their sparky rom-com chemistry. They’re a million times better than Bernice settling for loser Daz and I can’t wait to see what happens when the new couple goes public. Long live #Cavastock!

Wed 10 Oct 2018: The two former Mrs Tates get on like a house on fire..!

October’s most hyped week saw the return of Emmerdale icon Kim Tate back to Home Farm. Kim really delivered when it came to campy one liners and cutting put downs, but honestly, it was a bit of a let-down. Sadly Kim’s return was bogged down in a lot of exposition, rewriting Graham and Joe’s backstory and saddling us with a lot of long speeches about the past.

The masquerade ball setting centred on a mysterious “Whodunnit” investigation, but when all Kim suffered was a few scratches after her fall, it was less Whodunnit and more Whocares? There wasn’t much they could do with Kim in just a few short episodes, but it looks like she won’t be short of enemies, even if most villagers spent the ball wondering who she was. With news that Kim’s returning in the New Year – and for good – anticipation is still high. Let’s hope they make a better job of her new rein at Home Farm!

The biggest surprise of Kim’s return came in the form of Joe Tate’s shock exit from the Dales. With Cain (Jeff Hordley) fearing he’s responsible for Joe’s murder, we’re still not completely clear on whether Joe is dead (at the hands of Graham (Andrew Scarborough), not Cain) after all. Are Emmerdale hedging their bets or is this really it?

Actor Ned Porteous aka Joe Tate makes his Emmerdale exit

Sadly Joe’s exciting reveal in January soon fizzled out and was a complete flop ever since. His rushed redemption felt empty and although he had great onscreen chemistry with sidekick-cum-robot-butler Graham, their relationship was muddled and hard to fathom. It was Noah’s reaction to Joe’s disappearance that I found most impactful and it’ll be interesting to see if he becomes Graham’s new protégé. This storyline now rests on Cain’s secret guilt, Debbie’s heartbroken betrayal and Graham’s stoic shoulders. Cain’s new direction shows promise, but I can’t help but feel we’ll be killing time at Home Farm until Kim’s back.

Despite this disappointment, it’s been a strong month of stories and performances in Emmerdale. Things took an unexpected turn for Debbie (Charley Webb) as she faced justice for Ross’s acid attack – something some fans feel like has been a long time coming – but they’ve capitalised on the emotions of this situation by having it happen alongside Sarah’s transplant. Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) had a difficult time knowing how best to cope with Leo’s troubling school situation, a story relevant to many parents with disabled children and Victoria’s hunt for Adam Barton took her down a dangerous path but lead to an emotional performance from Isabel Hodgins when Vic learnt Adam had found a new love.

With stories like Jacob’s inappropriate crush, Ross’s exit, Leyla’s dodgy new man up in the air, hopefully November will be another good month of stories.

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