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Emmerdale Review: Guest blogger The Woolie Weekly is back with a run down of the best and worst happenings in the past month in our monthly Emmerdale review. Here’s what they had to say about what happened in the Dales during March 2019…

Emmerdale Review: March 2019's best (and worst) bits
Kim Tate returns to Emmerdale

Being the start of spring, March is a month of change and we certainly saw that in Emmerdale this month. From a Women’s Day special to big returns, it was a big month especially for the ladies of Emmerdale. Here’s what was good and bad about the month of March.

We kicked off the month with two out of the ordinary episodes. First, Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Jessie (Sandra Marvin) took a minimoon in Belfast – but we were treated to some awkward fun as Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) tagged along. Although scenes to get them to Ireland were a little contrived, it was fun to see them on location. The episode gave us some unlikely duos as both Paddy and Jessie tried to tolerate Kerry and the beautiful location made for a nice change. As Paddy gave us more cringy wrestling scenes with Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards), their heart to heart later was much more enjoyable to watch. But Paddy’s reunion with his birth father wasn’t the only reunion…

Emmerdale Review: March 2019's best (and worst) bitsAfter hundreds of mentions, Kerry’s daughter Amy returned to the village this month with a brand new face. Actress Natalie Ann Jamieson has taken over the role and she’s brought with her a lot of warmth and charm. Amy knows a surprising number of villagers still so despite her being slap-bang in the middle of a custody war in her first episodes, it was rewarding to see her settle back in the village and connect with Eric (Chris Chittell), Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) and David (Matthew Wolfenden) again. While the Kyle story hasn’t brought out the best in Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter), Amy’s given Kerry more spark outside of the Spencers, which is a definite plus point.

The second special episode came just a day after the Belfast centred episode, on International Women’s Day, as Emmerdale celebrated the women of the village by having an all female cast and a majority of women crew. Not only was this a joyous episode, heartfelt and inspiring, but the decision by producers to do this was an empowering move.

Emmerdale also managed to keep Lisa Dingle’s return a secret and the news that she is preparing to die came as a genuinely sad shock. Lisa (Jane Cox) asked Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) to help her write her eulogy and this scene was beautifully done, creating a voice-over to showcase the struggles and successes of the other women of the village. Great job, Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Review: March 2019's best (and worst) bits
Mon 11 Mar 2019: Can Pete Barton win Rhona Goskirk back?

Rhona Goskirk’s hysterectomy story has been another triumph, especially as it gives underrated Zoe Henry a chance to show off her talents again. Rhona’s relationships with Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan), Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick), Marlon and Paddy have come to the fore and showed what a great support network she has.

The challenges and inner conflicts Rhona has felt, her addiction battling alongside her changes in hormones and sense of self, have given us some impactful heart-to-heart scenes and given these overlooked struggles for some women some much-needed exposure.

It hasn’t all been sadness though, as several stories have given us some entertaining moments like Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) running for the local council, and we’ve only just started to see her neurotic ambitions take shape. Then there’s Vanessa who provided lots of laughs by getting drunk and then later in March embracing her status as a future Dingle with some amateur car theft. The theft might have been a reckless moment of panic, but the tag-teaming of power couples Robron and Vanity were highly entertaining. It’s been nice to see more of the Sharmas this month too, the factory feeling like it has more of a purpose as Jai (Chris Bisson) and Priya (Fiona Wade) dealt with Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) becoming their step-mother.

March also saw the highly anticipated return of Kim Tate (Claire King). As with all returns of big characters, and especially villains, it takes a while for them to find their feet without lapsing into pantomime and caricature. Kim has the potential to knit the community back together, giving us a return to the unique country setting and farming elements of classic Emmerdale, including the rule and classism of Home Farm. However, alongside Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough), Emmerdale has struggled to invigorate the never ending Joe Tate death plot and after many rewrites of history, Emmerdale revealed Joe is in fact alive.

Emmerdale Review: March 2019's best (and worst) bits
Tues 19 Mar 2019: Cain calls Kim’s bluff but then knocks her back, leaving her humiliated.

Sadly for us, the Joe twist was anti-climactic and didn’t even give us a cameo of actor Ned Porteous living it up in the sun. As for Kim, there’s definitely room for a soap bitch like her, but tying her to the robotic and confusing Graham hasn’t helped to integrate her into the village, and her new passion for Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) feels like the wrong move. If the writers see her beyond the iconic scenes she’s remembered for, she might just bring some antagonism and gripping love-to-hate moments back to the village. Here’s hoping.

March has also been a little frustrating for the progression of other stories, as Maya Stepney’s abuse of Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) hasn’t progressed beyond another near-miss and is in danger of losing its momentum, and before barely getting started Aaron (Danny Miller) and Robert’s (Ryan Hawley) road to surrogacy seemed to reach a dead end. Stories seem a little start/stop at the moment and outside of Maya and the continuation of Joe’s ‘death’, Emmerdale could really benefit from some more long-term, long-running and gripping storylines to make it unmissable again.

Fingers crossed we start to see the foundations of some fresh, big stories soon, especially as we move towards Emmerdale’s dramatic night-out flashback episodes.

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Emmerdale Review: March 2019's best (and worst) bits
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